Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Update On Candidate Pinkham

I was notified that Scott Pinkham - a School Board candidate in District 1 - found that his e-mail has been incorrectly reported at the public disclosure website.  It is incorrectly listed  in the main area as:

But on his C1 form, the correct address is shown (and this is it): (updated and confirmed by Pinkham - you have to watch those "s" in the email address).

If you had been trying to contact Pinkham and received no answer, that may be why.


Anonymous said...

As long as he has a pulse...


Anonymous said...


I believe Scott Pinkham's email address is I think you may have an extra "s" in the email address listed in your post. I had the opportunity to ask him for his email address recently, and that's the address he provided. I have not actually emailed with him yet, so I can't confirm.

I was impressed by Scott Pinkham when I heard him speak to the issues. He's thoughtful, well spoken, and wants to "get the faith of the community back" for SPS. He's been involved in school issues, mostly surrounding Wilson Pacific, for a long time. He's both passionate and articulate. He directly addressed education as a budget priority, over testing, disparate discipline, concerns over mega elementary schools, and the importance of lunch/recess. He both teaches Native American classes and counsels pre-engineering students at UW. He has two daughters in Seattle Public Schools. He has my vote.

-NW Voter

Anonymous said...

NW voter -

Does Scott Pinkham have a web site for his campaign? Where did you manage to hear him speak, because I can't find any info on him? A friend has known him professionally for a long time, but I still like to check people out for myself. And have concerns about his opponent (having met him).



Melissa Westbrook said...

NW Voter - I will e-mail him (I thought I had it right).

I have looked for a website - he doesn' seem to have one but I hear one is coming.

I hope to put up a calendar of debates/forums where the candidates will be speaking.

SPS Mom said...

I just emailed Scott at and his photo appeared with that address, so both of the addresses in the initial posting are incorrect and NW Voter was correct (and I agree with NW Voter on Scott, as well.)

SPS Mom said...

And I just got a response from Scott at, so this is indeed the correct email address.

Anonymous said...

The 36th District posted their endorsement interviews for the 2015 General Election:

Seven of the eight candidates for the four SPS Board positions, including Scott Pinkham, interviewed with the 36th District Executive Board. If the link above doesn't work, you can find the videos on the 36th District webpage.

-NW Voter