Tuesday, January 24, 2017

High School Event to Put on Your Calendar



SusanH said...

The attachment isn't working for me. What is the event?

Melissa Westbrook said...

High School and Education Funding Discussion
Thursday, Feb. 8th at the Ballard High PTSA meeting. The program starts at 7:30 pm (the actual PTSA meeting starts at 7 pm.)

Topics: budget, 24-Credit graduation requirements,longer day, Lincoln HS/boundaries and Career and Technical Education requirements.

Rick Burke, Board Director
JoLynn Berge, SPS Business and Finance
Dan Gallagher, Director of Career and College Readiness
Eden Mack, Leg Chair, SCPTSA
Jerry Bener, Director of Government Relations, Assn of WA School Principals
Keven Wynkoop, Ballard High principal
Moderator: Heidi Bennett, past leg VP SCPTSA

Questions in advance can be made at the Friends of Ballard HS Facebook page or email Heidi at Heidi@Bennettdirect.net

I'll just note that this is the first I have seen where boundaries for Lincoln will be discussed and yet there is no one from Facilities on the panel.

juicygoofy said...

Per Facebook page, it's Thursday February 2nd.

Brian Duncan said...

It's definitely Thursday, Feb 2, 7pm, in the Theater (plenty of room, comfortable seats). This is part of the Ballard High School PTSA general meeting; all students, parents, staff, and community members invited to attend!

Brian Duncan
BHS PTSA legislative liaison

Anonymous said...

The poster can be viewed here: www.ballardhighschoolptsa.org/

"Curious about the new 24-credit requirements, the longer day, Lincoln HS/boundaries and Career & Technical Education requirements? Attend our panel discussion and ask your questions. Find out how to advocate and navigate the upcoming high school years"

Are the SPS representatives on hand really ready to provide actual answers to the same questions we've been asking for months about these topics? Or is this yet another platform where we'll be told "we will discuss that in X months?"

Hopeful Skeptic

Anonymous said...

Can I just vent about the timing of this? The ONLY open houses being offered by Ingraham, Roosevelt, and Hale are ALL on the evening of February 2nd, and now this? Families in the NE are pulling their hair out!

--8th grade parent

Anonymous said...

Given the fact that many 8th grade parents will be running to the aforementioned open houses since they have to make a plan for high school in the next few weeks, would the Ballard PTSA hosting this event consider taping it and posting it online for others to watch/listen who cannot be there that night?

It would be good for all the panelists to know that many parents are at the ONLY open house offered by the remaining North End high schools that evening. We all are critically concerned about the 24-credit plan (or lack thereof), funding, and Lincoln HS boundaries/plan.

Concerned and frustrated 8th grade parent

Anonymous said...

Wow, crazy. Ingraham also has a morning tour Feb. 8, from 9:00-10:45am, if you want to see both RHS/Hale and Ingraham. Thanks for the info about the Ballard meeting. Hopefully someone attending will report back.


Michael Rice said...

If any 8th grade parents have any questions about Ingraham and are not able to attend Open House next week, feel free to e-mail me. marice@seattleschools.org

heidi b said...

Hey all, the date is indeed Thursday, 2/2, it's our standard BHS PTA general meeting date and at least it doesn't conflict with the BHS open house. Sorry about the other conflicts.
If you have questions, please send them to me or post on our facebook page.

We are looking into filming so stay tuned.
Hope to see you there.