Monday, January 23, 2017

House Passes Delaying Levy Cliff, 62-35

 Update:  This vote means some Republicans crossed the aisle to vote for this measure.  The Senate committee needs to bring this to the floor for their vote.  The key senators to call are:

 Call Zieger: (360) 786 - 7648

Call Fain: (360) 786 - 7692
end of update
This just in.

I had to smile at one Republican legislator who said that they 1) couldn't do this and get McCleary done, 2) McCleary is more important and they need to get it done within the 105 day session and 3) people want McCleary done more than the levy cliff.

The last statement may be true but mostly because people don't know what the levy cliff is AND how easy it would be to extend it for just one year.


Anonymous said...

great! what are the chances in the senate?


Melissa Westbrook said...

Call those two senators I listed; they are open to the idea and are Republicans. The pressure needs to be on to get it to a vote.

ActiveParent said...

I heard Maureen Walsh could be open too. (360) 786 - 7630

Anonymous said...
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Watching said...

Thanks, Melissa.

Very important to contact Senator Mark Schoesler, too:

Melissa Westbrook said...

Well, Schoesler, while the Chair of the committee in question, is also the guy who said it was none of a reporter's business when the GOP will actually have a plan to fulfill McCleary. I'm thinking he's not so interested.

Anonymous said...

Zieger is in Puyallup and they have experienced massive sprawl/growth putting a huge strain on schools. The class sizes are big and they just recently started passing levies now that more families have moved in and people are realizing they need more infrastructure. LOTS of republicans in that area, and Pam Rouche is a piece of work, look her up for fun. Long story short--Zeiger could go either way.

Call him

Anonymous said...

To clarify, Zeiger is the chair of Education, Schoesler is the majority leader

Melissa Westbrook said...

Well, well, now it got interesting.

The Times is reporting one GOP state senator is going to Trump's administration and stepping down while still another is going to work in some temporary capacity for Trump but stay a state senator.

I suspect their replacements will be worse but it will be fun to see how this all turns out.