Thursday, January 26, 2017

Option School Choice Fair on Saturday

From SPS Communications:

Date: Sat., Jan. 28, 2017, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Location: Cleveland STEM High School
5511 15th Ave S Seattle, WA 98108

 The Seattle Public Schools Admissions Office is pleased to host the second annual Option School Choice Fair. Representatives from all of our option schools and Advanced Learning, Nutrition Services, Transportation, Enrollment Planning, many other SPS departments will be present to answer your questions!
  • Bring your documents to enroll you students
  • Discover alternative learning experience options
  • Learn about school boundary changes and new schools
  • Enjoy refreshments
  • Meet other families and students
The Seattle Public Schools Option School Choice Fair offers students and families information about option schools and other student support services.

This event will offer perspective on the SPS school choice process, unique offerings at each option school, new schools opening, school boundary changes, and other key information to help you choose the right school for your student.

To attend an option school, a student must apply during Open Enrollment, which is open from February 13 until February 24, 2017. School choice forms will be available beginning 
February 6.

2017-18 Option Schools

Elementary Schools
  • Cedar Park
  • John Stanford International 
  • McDonald International 
  • Queen Anne
  • Thornton Creek
K-8 Schools
  • Louisa Boren STEM 
  • Hazel Wolf 
  • Licton Springs
  • Orca 
  • Pathfinder
  • Salmon Bay
  • South Shore (PreK-8)
  • TOPS 
High Schools
  • Cleveland STEM
  • Nova HS
  • Seattle World School
  • Center School 
Editor's comments:

- That there are now more K-8 Option schools than elementary schools is interesting.  (There are currently three K-8 non-Option schools but that will go down to two when Madrona changes to just a K-5.)

- Still a bit odd that dual-language schools in the north-end are Option but in the south-end, they are Assignment schools.

- Nova and Center schools are still hanging on but I worry about what happens if their numbers don't increase.  I worry more about Center than Nova because Nova has been around much longer.   Of course, even with low numbers, where would those students go to? 


Nova Teacher said...

Nova's numbers have been super steady for the last 4 years, always hovering around the 320-340 mark. Early counts for Nova enrollment are always far lower than our eventual enrollment, as many students enroll in Nova after getting placed at their neighborhood high school and quite a few students transfer in late (either at the end of the summer, beginning of the fall semester, or beginning of spring semester).

You've mentioned it before, but Nova is being reclassified from an Option School to a Service School. This is largely because the district set earlier deadlines than before for students to choose option schools, which meant that we had many students this last year (particularly out-of-district students) who attempted to enroll at Nova in the summer or early fall, but were turned away, as the deadline had been moved back to May.

Any student or family who is interested in a tour can call Nova's office (206-252-3500) to set one up. They happen a few times a month.

Anonymous said...

I wish this would also let parents know they can "option" in to ANY school or program. Not just the Option Schools. For instance, my kiddos are in a Montessori program that is not at an option school but we were still able to get in during Open Enrollment. I think this might be a small part of the equity issue. Families don't know there are lots of options and SPS doesn't make it clear.

Mag Mom