Tuesday, January 31, 2017

School Assignment Look-Up Now Available

From SPS Communications (red mine):
Use our Assignment Lookup Tool to check your student’s school assignment for next year.
To view an assignment, you will need your child’s date of birth and student ID number. If you need help finding your child’s student ID number, please call Admissions at 206-252-0760.

Students are initially assigned to a designated attendance area school based on their home address, but may apply to attend a different school or program through the School Choice process. Students who are currently attending an option school or a different attendance area school through School Choice remain at that school through the highest grade served.

Why school assignments may have changed

Your student’s school assignment may have changed due to new schools opening in Fall 2017 and new school boundaries approved by the School Board. In addition, some program locations have changed through updates to the Student Assignment Plan. Information on the school boundary changes is available on the Growth Boundaries webpage.

Request a different school during the Open Enrollment period, Feb. 13–24

Seattle Public Schools offers many educational opportunities for students. If you would like to request a different assignment for your student, you must submit a school choice form during Open Enrollment happening Feb. 13 through Feb. 24. Read more about SPS Open Enrollment.

School choice forms will be available online beginning Monday, Feb. 6. Information on option schools is available on the Option School webpage, and you can find information on all SPS schools through the School Directory.

Open Enrollment results

The results of Open Enrollment will be available on the Assignment Lookup Tool in mid-April.
Submitting a school choice form does not guarantee a choice assignment. If more students apply for a school during Open Enrollment than seats are available, tiebreakers are used to make assignments. More information about tiebreakers is on the Open Enrollment Fast Facts webpage.


Anonymous said...

None of the special education program placement information is updated, the links take you to 2016-2017 information.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that you are leaving this blog. It is through this blog that I learn about the important decisions being made for our schools and how to focus my advocacy. I believe it an irreplaceable resource. I will miss it.

NW Mom

Unknown said...

This teacher will also miss the valuable information which keeps the district accountable. Well in part anyways.
Southeast educator

Anonymous said...

How to choose a good school, for free.........

Attend as many school tours as you can and compare schools. Tours are free and no appointments are necessary.

Attend the school district kindergarten, middle and high school fairs at the John Stanford Center.

Go to the enrollment center and pick up the schools annual report. It's free, and it has so much information in it, including test scores, special education information, class size, racial makeup of the school. If you can't get to an enrollment center, go to your neighborhood library, get online, and go to the districts website.

Pick up an enrollment guide from the enrollment center. It has a wealth of information as well, and it compares services at each school.

Once you are in a "great" school, if you encounter any problems, meet with your child's teacher or principal, or someone at the district level to discuss them. I have found teachers and the principals at our schools to be very accessible. It's free.

And as a last resort, if you feel that all of your efforts have failed, change schools!!! It's free.

You don't have to have money or be middle class to want to get the best education for your children. The district goes out of their way to provide information, it is your responsibility to see which programs will work best for your child!!!