This and That, April 4,2024

 Here's the list of days when national parks are free ! The next one coming up is Saturday, April 20th.    Just viewed the oath of office for the two new Board directors , Sarah Clark and Joe Mizrahi. They both made statements. Clark spoke about fighting rush hour traffic on less than 24 hours notice to be there. (To note, the date of the oath had been up for nearly a week.) She spoke vaguely of overcoming being separated from her parents at birth and childhood PTSD.  She said she was looking forward to listening and learning from communities and advocating for more state funding. She said she wanted to do "a deep dive" into Board policies. As well, she didn't want to continue the status quo. Mizrahi said he was speaking from the heart in saying that the process had allowed him to talk to so many people about education. He said there are big issues but that SPS has a lot to offer.  He said he was joining a board that is taking on opportunity gaps and "not shyin

It's Sarah Clark for D2 and Joe Mizrahi for D4 to fill seats on the Seattle School Board

Per usual, this Special meeting did not start on-time. The number of times any given Board meeting has not started on time - within 5 minutes of stated time - grows and grows. I find it disrespectful. So I missed that they are discussing the candidates in Executive Session and THEN voting at the Board meeting. I'm not sure that was made clear. So we don't get to hear any of their reasoning for their choice.  President Liza Rankin ends Special Meeting at 4:27 pm.  Board Meeting - also not starting on-time. I think when directors are not present there should be an explanation (travel, ill, etc) because otherwise it looks like they can't be bothered to attend the business meeting of their group. And, given they are down to 1-2 Board meetings per month, why not? President Liza Rankin starts the Board meeting at 4:39 pm.  So that Special Meeting "when longer than scheduled." Hmmm. Couldn't find agreement on new members? Superintendent Comments Work Session on Budg

Seattle School Board Doesn't Want Your Input; Give It To Them Anyway

It has become apparent that in filling the two empty Seattle School Board seats, the Board directors are not interested in public input. In fact. they haven't said if they are listening to anyone except maybe some students and, oddly, the Superintendent.  Brent Jones should have zero input on what is a public matter.  So I'm providing this link (yes, I know that they vote tomorrow). I urge you to give them your thoughts because this it becomes part of the public record. And there should be a record of how many people wrote to the Board to give their insights and input. You can either email - or  use their "Feedback for Board Directors" fill-in comment section at the Board webpage.

Two Seattle Schools Items of Note

The first item is that Rainier View Elementary's beleagued principal, Anitra Jones, was transferred out of the school to JSCEE.  The district says it's a " temporary assignment ." Just to note, she deserves to give her story about events at the school. However, given the volume and groups complaining about her, it might seem plausible that she was a less-than-effective principal. From the Seattle Times: (bold mine) “I’m a little relieved, and I am a little surprised,” said Hala Mana’o, the school’s PTSA president, who said the group was still hearing “heartbreaking” experiences from families connected to the school. “But I am hoping that it’s a step toward a place where we all want to go. Let’s move forward …. Let’s be curious about investigating the experiences of people.” “I hope that at the center of all of these things is the voices and experiences of our families and our teachers, as well as the actions of this administrator,” he said. “ That’s at the co

I DO Want Your Comments!

 Dear Readers, I has not escaped my notice that there have been fewer comments. I don't know what changed in Google Blogger (this platform I use) but normally every comment comes to my email box.  Somehow something changed and all your comments have been just sitting there in the Comments Moderation.  My deepest apologies for not looking into this sooner. Rest assured I will be checking every single day until I can get those comments to come back into my email box. 

Seattle Times Article on the Dismantling of Highly Capable Program Hits a Nerve

Update 2: Well, from FOX to the UK rag, the Daily Mail, this story on SPS has legs. Given how long Rainier View Elementary parents had to wait for their concerns to be addressed by the district, I suspect that the HCC changes will have to absolutely crash and burn (a lawsuit maybe?) before the district admits this process was wrong. end of update Update: look who made FOX News .  Yes, Seattle Public Schools and its revamping of the HCC program. Well, at least as far as I can tell, it's only online but who knows?  end of update There are over four hundred comments at the Seattle Times for this morning's article entitled, "Why Seattle Public Schools is closing its highly capable cohort program." I wonder if the district is happy with that headline because I think the district thinks they are just revamping it. I'll print what I said in the Comments section but boy, are people nearly united in their belief that: a) This is NOT a good thing for any student. b) It&