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Times Editorial Weaponizes Special Ed Students for Their Own Purposes

The Times can't seem to ever get it right.   Here's what I said in the Comments section: The Times is looking for a new editorial voice and shucks, I was going to apply but with this editorial, well, I'm going to blow that chance.  I have been a public education advocate in this city for over 20 years and written the most widely-read public education blog in the state for nine years (Seattle Schools Community Forum).  I know this district and I know it better than the entire Seattle Times editorial board. (I'd take all them on in a debate anytime, any place.) The Times is wrong. Period.

Wednesday Open Thread

Good luck to all school districts in the country over the next couple of incredibly cold days.  Here's a hilarious snow day video from two talented administrators in Michigan.  (Thanks to President Harris.) It was a somewhat tense Work Session last night on the City's Families, Education, Preschool and Promise levy.   Directors Pinkham and DeWolf were not in attendance; all other directors were as was the Superintendent. I'll have a separate post on it but suffice to say the City knows the Board is not happy about the fund-sharing with charter schools.  (I also examined the charter school law and, with the help of the Washington Charter School Commission, I now see the clever loophole that allows this.  Just know, this is a choice, not an obligation, that the City is making.  They do not have to shar the funds.)

City IS Going to Give K-12 Education Dollars to Charter Schools

Update 4: After talking with SBE and the WA State Charter School Commission, I find that the law is worded in a clever manner. Charter schools cannot themselves raise money thru levies.  Meaning, they can't have their own levy election. And, there is no provision in the current law for them to receive levy dollars. However, there is also no provision that they can't, if offered, receive levy dollars. I believe the meaning is that they can't expect to receive levy dollars if a levy passes but, if some kind soul (or city) wanted to give them levy dollars, they can accept them.] Also, the old charter school law said that only charters that existed when a levy passes were eligible for funds.  That portion of the law is now gone, meaning, that as more charters come online, the smaller the number of K-12 dollars for SPS.

International Privacy Day

I say this over and over -   I don't believe privacy is dead and I certainly don't think that should be so for children.

Save SPS Librarians

In recent district work sessions on the latest budget, it has been indicated that they are suggesting cutting many librarians to half-time.  Personally, I find this unacceptable.  Kids need librarians for many reasons.  As well, if the library doesn't have someone watching over it, I think space might get taken away for other purposes.

Inslee Declares Health Emergency for Washington State Over Measles Outbreak

From the Seattle Times :

Friday Open Thread

A very busy education news week.  I'll have a separate wrap-up this weekend.

Friday is Gifted Education Day in Washington