Monday, January 28, 2019

Save SPS Librarians

In recent district work sessions on the latest budget, it has been indicated that they are suggesting cutting many librarians to half-time.  Personally, I find this unacceptable.  Kids need librarians for many reasons.  As well, if the library doesn't have someone watching over it, I think space might get taken away for other purposes.

Write to:
spsdirectors@seattleschools.org (Just directors)
schoolboard@seattleschools.org (directors plus Superintendent and senior staff)

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Robert Cruickshank said...

Three steps to ensure these cuts don't happen:

1. Vote YES on the SPS levies, Propositions 1 and 2. You should have your ballot already in the mail!

2. Get the state legislature to restore local levy flexibility. The best legislative vehicle is SB 5313: https://app.leg.wa.gov/billsummary?Year=2019&BillNumber=5313

3. Get the state legislature to add lots more state funding for public schools, including via a capital gains tax. One bill to achieve that would be SB 5129: https://app.leg.wa.gov/billsummary?BillNumber=5129&Year=2019&Initiative=false

Anonymous said...

Librarians are not the place to "save money". When this was tried at Sharples all the books "walked away" and became a PR disaster. Look it up. This is what happens when there is no instatutional

District Person

Anonymous said...

Once more I am disheartened by the upper management's devaluing of school staff. It is hard to watch the people who make our schools successful viewed as "expensive" rather than invaluable. It really makes me question where the school district's priorities lay if not within the actual schools.

Here is what I sent in support of the librarians:

I am writing in support of school librarians.  I have heard of the recent SPS plan to reduce all school librarians to half time and I find this plan reprehensible. I understand the upcoming budget predicts a shortfall, and I believe there are several *things* students can survive without and still have a positive educational experience, such as unnecessary standardized testing, a middle school science curriculum that is entirely online, requiring an influx of tech, maintenance, upgrades, and support, and so on. 

But *people* are needed to make every public school a positive place for kids. Teachers, nurses, counselors, and of course, LIBRARIANS are the real reasons kids come to school excited to learn. We need to support our staff as much as possible, and when cuts need to be made, look elsewhere for cost savings.

Please do not cut our librarians.


Anonymous said...

SPS gives a huge new raise to all employees, knowing that they will be short on money the next year if they do so. Then they threaten to cut librarians, knowing that they will be tugging on people's heartstrings and the need for librarians in the schools.

Irresponsible budget planning once again, leading to employees and students being hurt.


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