Friday, January 18, 2019

Friday Open Thread

A smart third grade teacher, Liz Kleinrock, put together a good lesson about consent.  (Laying the groundwork for when the kids get older and interact in other ways.)  Talk to your kids about this important part of life for kids at school.

Speaking of consent, don't forget to weigh in on the proposed changes to Title IX regarding accusation of sexual misconduct at schools and universities.

Director Leslie Harris is having a community meeting tomorrow at the Delridge Public Library from 3-5pm.

And in the "it's never too late" category, comes Director DeWolf's first community meeting of the school year at the Capitol Hill library from 3:30-5:00 pm.

It's hard to pick who might have the most interesting community meeting but for real action, I'll go with Director Harris.

What's on your mind?


Anonymous said...

There has been no official announcement of a new org chart for the district, but I did see a month or two ago a "blank" org chart with job titles like Chief of on it, but no names. Now that Henderson and Tolley and a few others are gone (with little fanfare), is there in fact a new org chart we can see with names on the job titles? Also, can anyone confirm the Tolley "separation" did happen? I don't recall it being announced the way Flip Herndon's departure was.

Org Chart

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have information about what the new 8-period schedule will look like for high schools in the 2019-2020 school year? My understanding is that this new schedule will be in place at Garfield next year, and maybe at all comprehensive high schools in the district.

I'm specifically wondering how this will affect AP classes. From what I've heard, AP classes would be blocked (take 2 periods), so that would mean a total of four AP classes maximum per year. Some juniors and seniors currently take 4 APs plus another class, or 5 APs, so I'm trying to understand the impact of the new schedule.

Also, with the new schedule, it seems like it will be all or nothing regarding Running Start. Kids would have to take all classes through Running Start or all classes through the high school, since it would be too difficult to figure out a combined schedule any longer.


-Seattle parent

Melissa Westbrook said...

Here's a link to the new org chart:


I would also like to gently say to readers I know some of the addresses here are out of date. I have a lot of work on my plate and that is the least of my worries. I'll get to it when I can.

Anonymous said...

"The University [of Washington] is in the process of conducting a review of Higher Level [IB] exams for grades of 4, along with a comprehensive review of Standard Level (SL) subjects to determine credit award policies for exams with grades of 4 or higher."

For those considering IB, this is good news, though it's not clear if they have any deadline for the review. Does anyone know if this is just a placeholder promise, or if UW is actively working toward implementing new polices for next year's incoming class? For those not familiar with IB, the UW currently grants credit only for the 2 year HL courses, not the 1 year SL courses. An IB student taking 9 HS credits of IB courses may end up with only 3 of those getting college credit, as opposed to an AP student who would potentially get credit for all 9. An IB diploma is granted an additional 15 UW credits toward general education requirements.


Anonymous said...

@Seattle Parent
The last I heard they did not have the money to implement an 7 or 8 period schedule for next year. I believe this plan is on hold and will not be implemented in 2019. I believe other changes have also been placed on hold such as the implementation of the new science pathway.

HS parent

Honesty Needed said...

Under current law, school districts are not permitted to use levy funding for teacher salaries.

Multiple superintendents recently wrote an Op Ed. Why did Juneau and other superintendents provide readers with misinformation?

"Local levies fund salaries for teachers,..."


Melissa Westbrook said...

Honesty, I think it's because there is a difference in how each side sees it. A court may have to decide.

The district maybe thinking, "We are spending all the state money solely on "basic education" and nothing else as directed. But it's not enough so we are passing a levy to "enhance" basic education."

The state may say what you said; you can't spending any other money on "basic education" needs.

The district is rolling the dice.

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