Friday, March 17, 2017

SAT Problems at Roosevelt (Again)?

I'm hearing rumors about this.

Anyone with on-the-ground info from their student?


Anonymous said...

I don't know about Roosevelt, but Garfield was a disaster.

The students were told to arrive no later than 7:30 and the "adult" running the operation, didn't arrive until 8:00 because she thought that would be plenty of time to set up for an 8:30 test. They didn't start the test until well after 9:30.

I looked into seeing if we could get the results voided, because the noise level was awful.

- bulldog

Anonymous said...

Ingraham went well & smooth. No issues.

Anonymous said...

So how is the Garfield situation being handled?
Are there any consequences for anyone involved in this mishandled operation?

{{or is operation sweep-under-rug the answer ?}}

-- Dan Dempsey

Anonymous said...

I took the ACT many, many years ago one Saturday morning at Rainier Beach (closest test site with space that weekend).

The proctor gave us the wrong amount of time for a section of the test. Everyone looked around like (like, hey, what?) but no one said anything (we trusted she was right).

After I got home I looked up how long I was supposed to have. She'd cut us 10 minutes short.

Sent a note to the ACT ... while they wouldn't void my results, they offered a fee waiver to retest.


Anonymous said...

If the noise level and testing atmosphere at Garfield were distracting, in addition to informing those responsible at Garfield, I'd also recommend contacting the College Board directly. All students deserve a decent testing environment, and SAT scores are (for better or for worse) a very important piece of students' college apps.

The College Board has a number and email specifically for test center complaints: / Tel: (609) 771-7710 / Fax: (609) 771-7710.

They may cancel the score and allow your student to retake the test for free.


Josh Hayes said...

Yeah, my daughter took it up at Ingraham a couple weeks back. She said it was tedious and took forever, but I think that's just the SAT for ya. :-)

Interestingly (to me, anyway), over in LWSD we don't spend the money on that. If kids want to take the SAT or ACT, they deal with it themselves: no school-wide testing days (other than the PSAT, of course). It's interesting how districts choose to allocate their money.

GarfieldMom said...

I was surprised to read that someone thought the Garfield SAT was a disaster. I asked my daughter who took the test at Garfield how it went. She shrugged and said everything was fine. So I asked her more specifically about what bulldog posted above.

She said she thought they started around 9 AM. She said everything went pretty normally, and the only noise she remembers hearing was about two minutes of whistling at the beginning of the essay section.

So it sounded like a pretty typical testing session. She would really NOT like to see results voided. Given that this was the test where students got to take it free of charge, it would really suck for many students to have the results not count. :(

Anonymous said...

It would seem that noise levels are likely to be a concern anytime they administer it during the school day, when others are around going about their usual school business. What's wrong with the Saturday morning tests we used to take? They were always calm and


Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic but wondering if any other teens have had the extremely difficult experience with Roosevelt that our student has had? Teachers conducting personal activities daily in class, no discussion in several classes, and my kid feeling basically like they don't exist. I am so dissatisfied.

Wish were not so Rough to be

a Rider