Friday, March 10, 2017

Seattle This and That

To Do with the kids on Saturday

Numinous This light show will pop up one weekend every month for six months at the Seattle Center from 7-11 pm. Bring the kids for illuminative after-dark wonder. "In keeping with the theme of exploration," the installation will be hidden and it's up to you to find it. Check their Facebook page for hints.

SAM Creates
Let yourself experience a wide range of emotion as you grab a cardboard box from home and get creative turning it into a vehicle for an indoor “drive-in” movie.

Featured screening at 12:30 pm
Inside Out

Park Adventures
Put on your layers and become outdoor explorers with Forterra! Grab hands and form a ring with your friends and family. How big can you make it? As big as the widest tree in Washington? Think about size and perspective as you visit with evergreen trees in the park’s valley and move through Richard Serra’s Wake.

Look what I found for sale; lockers from Meany Middle school

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