Friday, March 10, 2017

Spring Forward this Sunday


Anonymous said...

I used to LOVE daylight saving time. Now that I have a kiddo that starts at 7:55am? Not so much.

Mag mom

Anonymous said...

So will this mean "an hour more sunshine in the evening"


"yet another dismal hour to watch the rainfall"?

-- Dan Dempsey

Patrick said...

Love the longer evenings. Will cope with Monday morning somehow.
Even if it's raining, at least it can be raining in daylight.

Ebenezer said...

I had no problems with Daylight Saving Time when it started in April - it was warm enough, and days were long enough, that getting up an hour earlier didn't bother me. Ever since it's started in March, I've had trouble adjusting. And waking up an hour earlier when it's colder means using more energy to heat up your home, which is counterproductive.

Anonymous said...

Standard Time is necessary for kids to get to school in daylight. So I am OK with the current schedule as is here in WA. In Arizona there is only Mountain Standard all year long because they desire the cooling of the night to arrive earlier than daylight time would allow.

South Bend, Indiana runs on Central Standard Time all year, thus aligned with Chicago in winter and New York in summer. I guess this was done for the good of the Indiana cows, who get milked on schedule and could careless about alignment with large cities.

-- Dan Dempsey

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