Thursday, March 02, 2017


Dear Readers,
There are a couple of these little people at this blog.

They are sad and pathetic people who blame others for their inability to get anyone to listen to them without considering that maybe they really have nothing of value to contribute to any discussion.

I know who at least two are and I am considering outing them.  I'm tire of their nonsense and, more to the point, the violence in their comments has ticked.  (I do document all the comments before I remove them and the ones aimed at Board members are reported to the district along with the names of the people I think are writing them.) 

Update: not what I meant and I see the confusion now. 

I document all the comments about me in my own file along with who I think it is.  The ones directed at Board members I send to the district but I do not offer any thoughts on who I think it is.  And, no one in the district has ever asked, they just acknowledge receipt of my e-mail.

End of update

Before anyone gets the idea that they scare me, let me be clear; the answer to that is no.  I just don't have time for this kind of pettiness (you'd think these people would have lives with family and friends but apparently, they do live under a bridge and have nothing else to do).

I would hope that faithful readers would rise up against this kind of commenting.  I don't really want to go to a moderated format nor go to a subscription fee route.   While a subscription fee structure would be sad (and I would make it very low-cost but yes, you would have to use your real name), I would then lose the trolls.