Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Walking to School May Get Safer

The Times is reporting on how Mayor Murray's proposal to the City Council on how to spend some of the money from the $930M Move Seattle levy.  Here's a map of the sidewalk projects.

Money from the $930 million Move Seattle levy, which voters approved in 2015, will pay for new sidewalks in neighborhoods throughout the city, ranging from Greenwood to Rainier Valley, as well as $2.25 million in updates on Rainier Avenue South.

City leaders announced the pedestrian-safety projects at Rainier Valley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, where workers plan new speed humps and curb ramps, as well as marked crosswalks at 44th Avenue South and South Willow Street. Those updates will cost about $130,000.

While campaigning for the Move Seattle measure, Murray said every public-school zone in the city would be improved during the nine-year levy, which costs the owner of a $450,000 home about $279 a year.


juicygoofy said...

I could be wrong, but it looks like immediate plans are missing the opening of the 3 new schools near Aurora and 90th. The walk zone for Robert Eagle Staff students will be a 1.5 mile radius, including areas West of Aurora and North of 85th that are largely lacking sidewalks. Is the city overlook this, or am I missing something?

RESMS Parent-to-be said...

I believe there are some plans in the works to improve walking access to the Eagle Staff campus. They're just not listed on this map as part of this project.