Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Seattle Candidate Forum September 28th

 I had been wondering when we might hear from the candidates for Seattle School Board. 

There's a candidate forum on Tuesday, September 28th via Zoom sponsored by Black Education Strategy Roundtable (BESR), League of Education Voters (LEV), School's Out Washington (SOWA), the Southeast Seattle Education Coalition (SESEC) & Youth Development Executives of King County (YDEKC).

Register for Zoom Link

From the SESEC website:

Auto closed captioning will be available. If you have any questions or access needs/accommodations/supports (such as language interpretation), please contact vivian@allfivesinfive.org and mindy@allfivesinfive.org.

Confirmed Candidates as of Sept. 21:

School Board
Vivian Song Maritz (D4)
Laura Marie Rivera (D4)
Michelle Sarju (D5)

City Council
Nikkita Oliver (Position No. 9)
Teresa Mosqueda (Position No. 8)

In other news about the school board races, King County Labor label endorsed Vivian Song Maritz for District 4, Michelle Sarju, District 5, and Brandon Hersey for District 7. They pointedly said that they opposed Dan Harder, District 5. 


  1. Transparency Needed9/21/21, 2:40 PM

    Why isn't Brandon Hersey attending the forum? He needs to be held accountable to the lack of transparency we are seeing around the Consent Agenda.

  2. That does seem odd given he IS the director in the SE. Perhaps just late to RSVP. I'll keep looking to see if the list gets updated.

    I did submit a question. I asked, "Two Board members were found to have harassed, bullied and silenced JSCEE staffers. One is the Board president, Chandra Hampson. If you were on the Board, would you vote to remove her as president?"


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