Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Heartwarminng and, if Science is Important to You, You Can Help

This article about a retired science teacher who is still working to help science teachers throughout the district appeared in today's PI. From the article:

"Each week for the past 12 years, the Folsoms have made the trip from their Woodinville home to the Seattle warehouse. They often take work home with them, so the back of their old station wagon is usually packed with boxes of rocks and minerals for Carol to sort and label, or samples of cedar that Lee has cut up for a kindergarten science lab.

"He and Carol have made a tremendous impact on student learning and teachers' work," Woo said. "It's been a godsend to have this kind of help."

Folsom taught physics and chemistry before retiring in 1977. He came back into the school system in the mid-'90s, volunteering to help establish stronger science programs in elementary schools.

His goal now, he says, is to try to make life easier for teachers by streamlining the science kits, making sure the materials in each are organized and are in working order."

How can you help?

"For information about volunteering at the Seattle Science Materials Center, call 206-545-7024 or visit"

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h2o girl said...

Wow. What a lovely man. I have occasionally had to inventory these kits when volunteering the in classroom at my daughter's elementary school, and it is a huge job (and that's just one kit). I can't imagine the level of detail at the district level. My hat is off to him.