Monday, June 23, 2008

Student Learning Committee Meeting on Wed.

The Board is having their - now - quarterly Student Learning Committee meeting this Wednesday from 4-8 (with a break at 6 p.m. for a public comment on the budget). I called and asked and so far, these are the items on the agenda (with no details):

-Special Education
-a presentation by Mary Jean Ryan of the State Board of Education ( high school graduation requirements)
-high school math adoption

And also, just wondering, but what's up with the News and Calendar section of the district's website not having changed for a month? Some of those notices are months old. If most of the schools can update weekly, why can't the district?

This meeting is not even on this page. There is to be a public comments portion of the SL Committee meeting for the budget and yet, no announcement on this page There was an article about the budget in the Times and it sounds like this budget needs to be looked at carefully.

This is not accountability if no one knows about it until the last minute. This is just more of the same old stuff and I'll bet the staff was just counting on it being the end of the year with no one paying attention.

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