Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Press Coverage on Tonight's Vote on School Closure Plan

I made it to much, but not all, of the final Board meeting on the school closure plan. I need to process some of what I heard before I'm ready to post, but meanwhile here are links to some press coverage:

From the PI: Seattle board closes six buildings---Three more could be targeted this fall

From the Seattle Times: Board's vote on school closures may be only first of major changes and Seattle board votes to close seven schools

From KING 5: Seattle School Board votes on final school closures

And here's a link to the agenda, with all the proposed amendments listed and links to the text for each of the amendments: July 26, 2006 Board Agenda. Two amendments passed --- the one to postpone deciding where the Viewlands programs will be placed, and the one protecting "receiving" schools (ones into which other school programs are being merged) from being considered for closure in Phase II.

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