Thursday, March 15, 2007

Town Hall Meetings on Education This Saturday

I got the following announcement from CPPS today about town hall meetings on education this Saturday hosted by the League of Education Voters:

Use your voice this Saturday, March 17, to let our legislators know that great public schools for Seattle’s kids are our TOP priority!

The League of Education Voters is hosting town hall meetings across the state so you can urge your state legislators to make Washington’s children and education their TOP priority in Olympia.

Go to your Town Hall Meeting! Click here to find your town hall meeting.

The Issues:

Early Learning: The Legislature is likely to follow the Governor’s lead on investing in early learning and fund more preschool enrollments and a quality rating and improvement system for preschools and day care. Let your legislators know that you support making quality early learning a top priority.

K-12 Budget: The Legislature is poised to match or exceed the Governor’s proposed $927 million in new investments for K-12. Among the many issues to be resolved: how much should be dedicated for improved math and science instruction and how much for helping districts with under-funded costs like special education and transportation?

Math & Science Instruction & the WASL: Both the House and Senate have passed bills that maintain the reading and writing WASL tests as graduation requirements, but would gradually replace the math and science WASL tests with end-of-course assessments. All agree the goal isn’t testing, but better math and science instruction.

Higher Education Opportunities: The Governor has proposed new enrollments, tuition caps, more financial aid, and increased support for colleges and universities—the best higher education budget in decades. Now it’s the turn of both chambers, and we citizens, to speak up for higher education.

Simple Majority for School Levies: For the 5th consecutive year, the House passed a resolution asking voters to decide whether to change the constitution to allow school levies to pass with a simple majority. In the House the measure passed 79-19 with broad bi-partisan support. In the Senate it failed 30-17. Senate leadership has vowed to bring the measure back up for another vote. Ask your legislators how they voted on this issue of simple fairness.

For more information, visit the League of Education Voters at www.educationvoters.org

Please email LEV (info@educationvoters.org) and confirm you're planning to attend (and how many friends, neighbors and co-workers you are bringing!).

If you cannot attend a town hall, please call, write or e-mail your state Representatives or state Senator. To find your lawmaker, click here.

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