District Seeks Members for Advisory Committee on Climate and Discipline

From SPS:

The Seattle School District is seeking district staff and unpaid volunteers to serve on the newly formed Positive Climate and Discipline Advisory Committee
, for terms of up to two years.

The committee’s primary purpose is to advise Seattle School District on a school climate and discipline management system that enhances learning, equity, self-discipline, school attendance and connectedness while ensuring a safe, civil and positive learning environment. The committee will make recommendations to enhance school climate, develop appropriate options for behavior management standards and disciplinary sanctions that will reduce disproportionality and increase prosocial behavior, review and advise on progressive discipline programs, and advise on accountability systems.

The committee will develop a work plan and schedule, meeting at least monthly with the possibility of additional meetings on special issues during the start-up period. District staff will facilitate the meetings. A typical meeting will include a staff presentation on the status of one or more identified issues, followed by an opportunity for committee comment. Staff will review committee input and include it in the development of recommendations to the district.

The first meeting of the Positive Climate and Discipline Advisory Committee will be Tuesday, January 24, 2012, from 4:00-6:00pm in the Stanford Center Auditorium, 2445 – 3rd Avenue South, Seattle. 

SPS principals, teachers, and other staff, parents, community members, non-District public and social service agencies, community organizations, and private sector individuals with applicable expertise are encouraged to apply. Interested individuals should submit background information and reasons for their interest via email to: jodingfield@seattleschools.org  no later than Friday, December 30th. Selection and notification of advisory committee members will occur no later than January 6, 2012. 


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