Sunday, July 01, 2018

Welcome to New Superintendent, Denise Juneau

Superintendent Juneau is now onboard as Seattle Public Schools' new leader.  Here's a message from here via the district's webpage.

She has created what is being called her "Entry Plan." Partial excerpts:
The purpose of this entry plan is to support a smooth leadership transition, build Superintendent Juneau’s knowledge of the district and provide an intentional and inclusive structure for Superintendent Juneau to engage with the Seattle Public Schools community and stakeholders. The entry plan activities reflect the superintendent’s personal commitment and strong desire to listen and learn from students, families, staff and partners. 

Entry Plan Phases

This entry plan has three distinct phases:
  • Phase I: Pre-Entry Prior to July 1
  • Phase II: Entry, Listening and Learning July 1 – December 31, 2018
  • Phase III: Post Entry, Reporting January 1 – June 1, 2019
Information and perspectives gathered during Superintendent Juneau’s first six months will lay the foundation for revisions to the district’s strategic plan in Spring 2019. It should be noted that work of the entry plan occurs simultaneously with the responsibility of leading and operating the district.
There are 11 transition "goals."  I don't see anything particularly new in the list.  (I do note that taxpayers were left out of the list of stakeholders but maybe they fall under "funders."  It was stated that the list was not limited to those named but given the district needs to pass two levies in Feb. 2019, it might have been good to acknowledge taxpayers. They are listed under #11 as "voters.")

I do see one item that I hope will see some good come out of:
Meet with Executive Directors of Schools to discuss current data and performance of schools under their supervision. Discuss actions designed to support continuous improvement and student achievement.
I'm hoping that the EDs will be asked how their work actually helps and why they are listed as points of contact for parents with school issues and yet virtually no parent says their "help" did much.

She hopes to visit all schools this next school year but it appears she will be visiting newly opened schools and possible candidates for BEX V first.

There is also a "media strategy" which is something of a first (at least being openly stated).  I am particularly interested in this piece:
In addition, media will be invited quarterly to learn about emerging issues/topics building their capacity to accurately represent the district’s story.
The key takeaway for me:
A major initiative of the 2018-19 school year will be to review and revise the district’s strategic plan. The information collected during the superintendent’s listening and learning tour will inform the level of revisions needed. Additional engagement opportunities will be incorporated and a writing team will be formed to review the feedback provided and integrate it into a draft plan. The board will meet several times throughout the process to offer feedback on direction. 
I think it a good thing for a new superintendent to check out the current Strategic Plan and make course corrections if necessary.


There are no calendar events for this week for the district.


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