People Are Funny

 As you are aware, I am screening all comments. It’s actually tiresome because I seem to get many spam comments. I have been pleasantly surprised at the very low number of attacks on me. 

I did get one recently on my post, Critical Race Theory, Where Are We Now? The commenter is a sad and pathetic person trying desperately to make herself relevant only to find that her mad dog attacks really don’t play well at OSPI and other venues. I mean if you wear giant earrings that say “F*** off” in an interview photo, it doesn’t make you that approachable. In other words, she’s her own worst enemy. 

And, she took down her own blog. Poof! It just disappeared. Of course there’s this thing called the internet where nothing really goes away plus another thing called screenshots. 

What I am coming to is that if your comment has nothing to do with the subject of a post or doesn’t add to the discussion, I won’t print it. You can disagree with me up and down a wall and I’ll print it. 

But do have something valid to say and share. 


Anonymous said…
Yep. This type is old as time:the demagogue, the disruptor, the go it alone warrior. As much as she’d think she is blazing a new trail, this is an American approach dating back to colonial days. Real leaders build others up, not troll around online name calling a dealing in rhetorical gotchas. I wish this woman peace, and a little wisdom. She is smart and passionate, but gets in her own way.

Long Term. said…
Anger might win the day, but it seldom wins the decade.

Anonymous said…
Smart people win other people over & use persuasion, not aggression. Bullying is the tool of the less-smart & insecure, as we saw with Trump, & others. This person appears to have personal self-esteem and anger issues that they transfer onto others. It's cloaked in the self righteous fight for racial justice. But that's not the true motivator or objective.

Casual Observer
Peace said…
Some individuals understand the bullying nature of this individual. They have simply choosen to not engage with this. The bullying nature of this individual caused her to loose a lot of support.

I wish the individual peace.
Anonymous said…
You do realize "this individual" is working with no less than 3 government offices in WA, a handful of districts in WA, and the OR dept. Of ed., right?

How does that make them irrelevant? Melissa isn't even a WA resident. Talk about desperate to stay relevant.

They didn't delete their website. It's moved here: I'd say all the "support" they lost from people like you isn't even a blip on their radar.

CRT in Seattle
CRT in Seattle, a one-man band does not an office make.

Thank you for the update; I did not know they went from “she” to them.

As for the blog, c’mon. The new website is NOT the old one. You know the one where she spilled all the hurts of life (and her daughter’s
, poor thing). I mean that blog was quite strange swinging back and forth from the personal to the professional.

And lastly, I NEVER support them. I was polite and did my homework but when they decided to go ballistic I, like many, many others, said no thanks.
Peace said…
Their's link doesn't even come close to original blog link. Foolish to think people don't notice.


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