Sunday, May 28, 2006

Thank You CAC Members

A sincere thank you to the 13 community members who have spent so many hours grappling with the complicated and emotional issue of school closure.

The school board gave you an impossible task. With incomplete and inaccurate data, an unreasonable goal of closing 12 buildings, and an unrealistic time frame to deliberate and develop a plan, you were set up for failure. And you were set up, conveniently, to take the brunt of public anger.

However, thanks to your work, parents and community members around the city are organizing and planning, not only to counter the closure plan, but also to improve the things they know could be better about their schools. Parents with children not yet in public school are connecting with current PTSA members at schools they hope to attend. Principals and teachers are crafting plans to address school shortcomings suggested by the CAC's data.

We are motivated and united, across schools throughout the district. And for that, we thank you.