Friday, July 07, 2006

Principal Assignment Process and the 5 Year Plan

Tonight I read through the Detailed Action Plans which spell out how the district aims to accomplish everything in the 5 Year Plan.

For the issue of principal assignment, which I posted about yesterday, here are the details:
  • Meet with Superintendent, CAO, Education Directors and HR to debrief the 2003-04 Principal Selection Process and Timelines. (HR Director)
  • Meet with the PASS Resolution Team (5 PASS and 5 District team members) to review 2003-04 Principal Selection Process and Timeline, review recommendations from Superintendent committee, determine what worked and what needs to be changed, and develop recommendations. (Labor Relations Director)
  • Take PASS Resolution Team recommendations to PAL Committee for review, discussion and possible development of a public review process. (HR Director)
  • Implement 2004-05 Principal Selection Process and Timeline. (Human Resources)

All of this was to be completed in 2004/2005. Did any of it happen? I certainly can't find any evidence of it.

Here are the people to follow-up with on this question if you, like me, are appalled with the principal assignment process:

Please post here and let us know what you find out about the Principal Selection Process and Timeline.


Beth Bakeman said...

Both staff people mentioned on this page are on vacation, so I haven't gotten any response.

Beth Bakeman said...

It is now September, three months after I started trying to get answers to the questions posted here, and so far, all I have gotten is apologies and a copy of the current policy.