FYI - Joint Board/City Council Meeting

The School Board is hosting members of the City Council at their quarterly meeting tomorrow (9/13) from 9:30-noon at the Stanford Center (generally in the auditorium). This is a great opportunity to be able to watch the interaction between these two groups (there are usually 3-4 members from each group) as well as to address them. There is a sign-in sheet available before the meeting and the speakers have their 3-minutes before the general business gets started. You may speak on any education-related subject (maybe anything; I've always spoken on education). These meetings are usually taped and rebroadcast on Channel 26.

The two groups are pretty polite to each other because, after all, the Council has no power over the Board. But you can sense tension sometimes between the groups as the Council tries to get to the thinking, planning and execution by the District on some issues. I would be interested to see if any City Council or School Board candidates show up to the meeting.


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