Monday, August 18, 2008

Denny/Sealth revisited

As a result of the kerfuffle over the BEX III project at Ingraham I found myself at the BEX III web site where I was tempted to click on the links to Denny/Sealth. Once there, I took a trip down memory lane on the Q & A from the February 4th public meeting. It's a funny thing, but here it is August, six months later, and they STILL haven't answered some of those questions. If I didn't have perfect faith in the District and the Facilities staff, I might fear that they never will.

Just the same, I am curious about when they intend to answer these questions. Maybe if we could just get a timeline... Ah! And when exactly is the start time for that speedskating race in Hell?

I think all you have to do is look at their record. Who is being held accountable for this? Is it the outside communications company that was hired to do the community engagement?


Melissa Westbrook said...

Charlie, hat's exactly what I'm going to ask at the Board meeting on Wednesday.

How long will the Board allow this to go on? Do they not realize what the possible outcomes are?

- the Mayor, feeling dissed (and we all know he's kind of thin-skinned) may revive his idea of an appointive Board and call on Senator Ed Murray who had been in agreement with him (laugh but it could happen if my next point occurs)
-the next Facilties levy, the BTA which is the workhorse maintenance levy (think roofs and HVAC systems) could fail. People could easily think, "Well, it's not operating money nor is it capital money so I can vote against it to teach them a lesson." If it fails, the Mayor and other powers that be could agitate for more power over the Board and/or Superintendent.
-Why would it fail? Well, let's start with the number of people/communities that the BEX staff has offended. From Denny/Sealth to Ingraham to people in the NE who are just beginning to realize that staff could have helped their overenrollment problem in BEX III (but didn't), there's many people who feel unhappy. Is that fair? Well just how far can you push voters before they push back? The answer lies in the early to mid-'90s when we had a number of levy/bond failures.
-And just to add fuel to the fire, if the State Auditor's report on the BEX program - due in 6 months or so - finds real problems, and the Board has done nothing to rein these people in (via the Superintendent of course), then they will look weak and ineffectual. And, the fact that they knew this group of staff were problematic and did nothing will seal the deal.

dan dempsey said...

Melissa said:
they will look weak and ineffectual


Remember the Phi Delta Kappa curriculum audit. It was very critical and largely went unnoticed and unused.

This board continues to be rubber stampers who continually ignore valid concerns from the public.

School board mottos:
We trust every whim of our hired professionals far more than rational well developed arguments from the public.

Policies, Policies, we don't need to follow no stinkin' policies.