Governor's Take on Saving Money Bolsters District's View

The Governor put out some suggestions today about saving money. One of her reforms? Consolidating smaller public schools. It doesn't say whether she is talking about all K-12 or elementary.

This, of course, is music to the district's ears because if you read the Facilities Master Plan, that's the direction they are headed. For each new elementary they build, the buildings get bigger. I think it unlikely that they would build any new elementary for less than 400.

Now, we have many smaller schools and they all can't get rebuilt at once so I don't think smaller schools will disappear overnight. However, with the Governor making this suggestion and the district's desire to have fewer schools but in better, larger buildings, we may see fewer and fewer small schools over the next 25 years. Naturally, there is nothing stopping consolidation with another program such as Nova/Secondary BOC so that you do keep Nova, a small school, small.


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