Friday, April 10, 2009

Carla Santorno Leaving District

The Times (and others) report that CAO, Carla Santorno, is leaving SPS to become deputy superintendent in Tacoma. From the story:

"Santorno, 58, said she hadn't been looking for a job, but Tacoma recruited her heavily.
"It's just an opportunity that I couldn't pass up," she said."

I have mostly good feelings for Carla - she works hard, she does listen and I think she did lay down some good foundation for the district. But I will say that people often think that this district drives good people away when, in fact, in the top administrative posts, many people are on the move. I don't expect Dr. Goodloe-Johnson to be here more than 5 years (if that).

Notable quotes from the article:

"Seattle Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson supports the move, she said.
Goodloe-Johnson "is where she is because people gave her an opportunity to move when she wanted, and she needed to. She gave that gift to me."

I'm not sure it's a "gift" - if their contracts allow them to leave, they just do. Or, is she saying Dr. G-J allowed her out of her contract to move?

"School Board President Michael DeBell praised Santorno, saying she's done a good job and he's long been impressed with her buoyant personality and obvious enthusiasm for public education.
"The only area where we haven't seen eye-to-eye is math," he said."

No kidding.

She leaves July 1.


momster said...

i hear a lot from people close to the district that carla is nice, but has a hard time getting things done and is mostly ineffectual, though i don't have any firsthand knowledge to speak of so take that for what it's worth.

so this might be a good thing for sps depending on who replaces her.

does anyone remember art jarvis who replaced steve nielsen (former sps cfo) when steve took a job at the puget sound esd (the level of infrastructure between the districts and ospi)? art took the tacoma sup't job as interim - but is still there - he and carla must have had a good connection while he was at sps.

reader said...

Wow. I can't believe it. I do have some firsthand knowledge. Carla's pretty good. Why do we hire these people that completely disrupt everything... and then leave? ??? I'm all for sticking to the plan, fixing things, and making them work better...But, if we continually hire people that work for a year or 2, then start looking around, then leave after 3 years, how will any of our planning EVER work out. Are we going to now get somebody else new, who will change everything yet again, and then quit again? Will G-J leave as soon as the assignment plan is enacted? The board should demand longer contracts that THE DISTRICT could negate if they were unsatisfied. Not the other way around.

dan dempsey said...

Dear Reader,

You said: Carla's pretty good.

Please be more specific. Read the Mike Rice math post and comments.

The board hires the Superintendent only.

The Superintendent hires everyone else.

Have you noticed Seattle School Superintendents leaving in the middle of doing a great job? If so name one.

MG-J was not going to be rehired in Charleston. At the one year mark the SPS board in an action that violated board policy in one meeting extended her contrat and raised her salary by 10% = +$24,000.

That was at the same time that MG-J released the "Strategic Plan".

Have you read the Charlie Mas post on the Strategic Plan Update?

This district is hardly damaged by competent upper level administrators leaving {good deal Tracey Liberos is still here} ... name one instance of a competent central office administrator voluntarily leaving for another district.
The district is much more often damaged by the retention of marginally competent and incompetent central office administrators.

Bully Bully Bully is not much of a management technique.

dan dempsey said...

Reader said:
"I'm all for sticking to the plan, fixing things, and making them work better..."

What about when the plan is not fixing things and not making anything better? Do you stick with the plan?

If you do still stick with the plan under those conditions, then vote for Cheryl Chow. She is your candidate in this year's coming school board elections.

reader said...

I'd rather vote for her, than you.

dan dempsey said...

Dear Reader,

I'm not running. Go right ahead and vote for Cheryl if she matches your thinking.

Best Wishes,