Another Election Coming (It Might Have Slipped Your Notice)

The Stranger reports that there is an election coming up for the King County Conservation board on March 16th. You can only vote at a King County library.

I normally wouldn't bring this up here but I honestly never heard of this before (and apparently not a lot of other people have as well - there were only 2500 votes in the whole county last time). From the Stranger:

The state-mandated board oversees a budget of about $3 million to work on issues ranging from habitat restoration, farm plans, forest plans, and even seawall restoration, explains Jesseca Brand, King County Conservation Voters spokesperson.

It seems that conservatives are trying to control the Board and since so few people register to run and so few vote, it's not hard to do. From the Sound Politics blog (a local conservative blog - it's a fairly entertaining blog):

"Help keep control of this King County board in conservative hands."

Look, I don't care if you are conservative or liberal. Don't care if you have more concerns with property rights or green issues. But it seems like something to NOT overlook as these people do have some definite power over conservation programs. Vote your values if it matters to you.


Maureen said…
If any of you are interested, it looks like you have about four hours to get on the ballot:

Individuals interested in running for the position, which has a three-year term, are
encouraged to contact the District for information on board duties and responsibilities.
Candidates must complete a candidate information form and a nominating petition with
at least 25 signatures of registered voters who reside within the district. The petition
must be delivered to the District office by 5:00 p.m. February 16th, 2010 to be included
on the ballot.

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