Friday, November 03, 2017

Have You Voted?

If not, get on it.  I just heard on KUOW that King County Elections has received only 13% of ballots from Seattle and they expect a 48% turnout.  So people are holding onto those ballots.

I again urge you to consider voting for Eden Mack in District 4, Zachary DeWolf in District 5 and Betty Patu in District 7.  

You've heard my reasoning before but especially for the District 4 candidate, Herbert Camet, and District V, Omar Vasquez - these two men would not be team players.  They exhibit know-it-all attitudes and get testy when challenged.  We need people who temperamentally fit on a team.  You will always have disagreement on a board but voting in people who haven't shown they know the office they are running for is a team job is a bad idea.


Anonymous said...

We plan on voting this weekend. I am still waffling on the mayor and a few other races.


Melissa Westbrook said...

HP, that mayoral vote is tough. I ended up with Moon because I did not like what Durkan had to say about the school board.

I don't think either of them would be bad mayors; I think it's somewhat a matter of tone. I prefer Moon.

Robert Cruickshank said...

Cary Moon has a great education platform, including proposals to fix the Families and Education Levy: http://www.carymoonformayor.com/2017/09/19/cary-moons-four-part-plan-to-bring-equity-to-education/

It was one of the main reasons I voted for her.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting Durkan because I have met with the Nav team leadership and they are indeed taking a compassionate and proactive approach to helping transition our homeless population to the support and resources available today. Moon's approach to allow insanctioned encampments and RV living around the city is not a direction I support. They are otherwise practically identical on every other issue, other than approach and tone. In my opinion, the attacks on Durkin's tone are the same as what I saw the Bernie supporters to to Hillary. To call Durkin--lesbian mother of two, social and civil rights fighter--a conservative is mind blowing and is what tears the Democratic Party apart, and does not support smart strong women leaders and change agents.

Go High

Anonymous said...

And Moon claiming to be the "transportation expert" in the race is laughable. Do you all remember the stupid waterfront ideas she pushed and how she fought the tunnel with a preference for traffic spilling into the streets of downtown Seattle? I think that garnered 10% of the vote--likely her campaign team and a few friends from her husband's architecture firm.

Moon has NO management experience. The Mayor is the city manager with huge levels of budget and civic responsibility. Common people!

Go High

Anonymous said...

If your concern is city management experience, I assume you voted for McGinn in the primary?

Oliver Voter

Anonymous said...

Voted for Jessyn Farrell in primary. Leaning toward Durkin due to her ideas on the homeless crisis. Though I am worried about her education views. I don't want mayoral control of the school district.


Anonymous said...

I'm not voting.Sure I won't be able to complain but I won't have any responsibility for the mess. Voting in Seattle is fruitless, we get the same outcome no matter who is voted into office.

Seattle 69

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

There could not be a more sorry selection of mayoral candidates. Seattle once again proves it's population is incompetent.


Unknown said...

I voted for mcginn! Not sure what to do now.

Mom o 2

Anonymous said...

Done & done.

Not voting was not an option. And in the School Board vote, the choices were obvious for me. As for the rest - grrr.

Northgate Mom

Voted DeWolf said...

Omar Vasquez is running for Seattle school board. He supports charter schools. Democrats for Education Reform has provided his campaign with 25,000 dollars. I have not found him to be honest with his charter school positions.

Jet City mom said...

The Ballot box by Ballard Library is so full you cannot get anymore ballots in.
They need to advertise that as people need alternate drop off.
We dropped off ours last week, but perhaps Seattle only picks up ballots once?