Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Seattle Schools Special Education News

The Seattle Public Schools Special Education department is aware that many of our students have experienced, or are still experiencing, inconsistent and unreliable transportation services since the beginning of this school year. We recognize and acknowledge the disruption this has caused our students and families. We are also frustrated and appreciate your patience during this time as we work with First Student, our service provider, to resolve a driver shortage.

Compensatory Education:

Students receiving special education services are entitled to the services outlined in the student’s IEP.
If, due to transportation delays, your student missed special education services, they can be made up with compensatory education. The purpose of compensatory education is to provide education services designed to make up for services that the student needs but that the District was unable to provide.

The district is offering compensatory education for students in Special Education if all three conditions apply:

  • The student missed school due to a lack of bussing, and
  • If the student has a current IEP
  • And if the student has missed special education services due to late or missing busses
Please contact the Special Education office at specialed@seattleschools.org if you are interested in compensatory education. We will follow up with families directly with next steps.

Mileage Reimbursement:

Seattle Public Schools is offering gas mileage reimbursement to families that drove their student to and from school while their student’s transportation services were unavailable. If you drove your student to school even though they usually ride district-provided transportation, you may be eligible for mileage reimbursement. Please send an email to specialed@seattleschools.org. We will follow up with families directly with next steps.

In the meantime, Seattle Public Schools continues to work with our yellow bus vendor, First Student, to actively recruit and train staff throughout the bus driver shortage. First Student has agreed to significantly increase salaries for beginning drivers, to help ensure reliable service. The Seattle Public Schools Transportation department continues to prioritize yellow bus service to Title 1 schools and for students receiving special education services.

Thank you again for your patience. We are working hard to improve our services.

SPS Special Education Department



Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Some db in special ed management thinks paying mileage is adequate compensation. No. It isn’t. If you don’t have a car or have multiple kids who don’t get transportation or you kid was placed far away, $1.50 doesn’t get your kid there or even close.

Not Thanks

Anonymous said...

Transportation is the least of SPS deficiencies when it comes to special ed.

SPED parent

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