Monday, March 04, 2019

Site-Based Interview Team Training

Special Site Based Interview Team Training – Saturday, March 9, John Stanford Center from 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

This special training will focus on preparing individuals to participate on interview teams for S.E.A. represented positions and Principal positions.

Anyone interested in serving on an interview team for an upcoming hiring process is encouraged to attend. This training is open to all administrators, certificated and classified employees, as well as parents, students and community representatives.

Please come - in order to have more community input, get more diverse input on hiring for these critical positions - now's the time. The training is a prerequisite for participating in hiring committees.

Please share far and wide!

Leslie S. Harris, Director District 6,
President, Seattle School Board


Anonymous said...

I would like to encourage as many people as possible to get this training, especially if you have a child in special education, HCC, at Tier 1 school and other categories like those, and especially if your child is a person of color. Candidates who interview for teacher and principal jobs in Seattle typically are not asked questions relating to different demographics that require knowledgeable answers. You might be surprised how short-notice the need arises for parent interviewers, so having this training under your belt will come in handy at some point over the decade your child will be in school. We have seen a rash of low-quality hires in Seattle over the past 3 years. This is one way to stem that tide.


Anonymous said...

Low quality by who's standards, yours?

You come off very racist and very arrogant.

All types

Melissa Westbrook said...

All Types, watch that tone. If someone say there are "low-quality hires", it doesn't make them racist.

Anonymous said...

Or what?

"especially if your child is a person of color"

It's not stretch to see what the commenters implying."Rash" is not a flattering word!

Is the comment implying that black teachers are low-quality? that Asian teachers are low quality? Native teachers? Oh I see they want you to get out there and make sure no more "low quality" white teacher are hired. If that aint a racist statement then what is!

I'm not sure what game this blog is playing.

All Types

Melissa Westbrook said...

Rather than hyperventilating, why didn't you just ask for clarification? That's usually the first action if you aren't sure. The phrase "especially if your child is a person of color" does not seem to go with the writer's "low-quality hires" phrase.

The game playing seems to be taking something out of context and assigning it a meaning. In the future, ask before you get upset.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't actually matter if a parent attends the interview. You won't get to ask them anything that might be relevant, nor about anything that stands out on their individual resume like you would in any job where they were looking for the best possible hire. You aren't going to get to ask them that surprising question that they weren't ever asked before. All the candidates are asked the exact same thing, read from a different interviewer. Brainless right? That's the point. The union doesn't want any advantages given to any candidates for any reason. They don't want any candidate to be subjectively better than any other. So, they insist that we don't ask them anything that they might screw up. Don't ask them to distinguish themselves. And heck no! There's no demonstration permitted, no sample class, nothing.