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This story comes from the West Seattle blog about two girls from West Seattle High, Marlene Castillo-Rojas and Isabel Ortiz, who took first place for our state in the FCCLA State Culinary Competition in Wenatchee in early March.
A 1st-place medal at the state competition gives these students the opportunity to represent the state of Washington at the FCCLA National Culinary Competition at the end of June. We will be competing against all of the other 1st place FCCLA State Culinary teams at Nationals in Anaheim, CA. Your support will be able to provide these incredible students the opportunity of a lifetime. Donations will be going toward their airfare, registration/fees, hotel costs, and shipping our equipment to California. If you are at all able to donate, please click on the link: 
Superintendent Juneau will be giving her State of the District speech on Tuesday, April 16th at Seattle Central College, Broadway Performance Hall, from 5:30-7:00 pm.  I suspect it's not being held at an SPS location because SCC ties into the City's new Promise Scholarship program. But the real news?

Event hosted in partnership with the Alliance for Education.

Ah, so the Alliance, after being summarily cut off from the partnership with the district, has now come back to the fold.  This should be interesting.

Great article from Crosscut on cuts to staffing in SPS.  

More than 100,000 Canadian K-12 students walked out of class to protest cuts in public education.  From The Star:
Students across the province demanded their voices be heard Thursday by walking out of class to protest the Ford government’s proposed changes to public education, while at Queen’s Park the premier and education minister accused the teachers’ unions of masterminding the events.

It’s estimated that more than 100,000 students from about 700 elementary and secondary schools, in cities such as Toronto, London, Ottawa and Hamilton, participated in the student-led action dubbed #StudentsSayNo.
They’ve mobilized with memes, spreadsheets and hundreds of Instagram accounts created for individual schools. Students across Ontario are rising up against the provincial government’s proposed changes to the education system, which include mandatory e-learning, banned cellphones and increased class sizes likely followed by a loss of teaching jobs.
He’s not gonna be here once we’re leading this nation, so how can we allow him to destroy our opportunities? He wants “resilience?” We’ll show him resilience. 
Opportunities for teens with disabilities via Parks and Recreation (thank you to Director Harris for the heads up):
The OSPREY internship is designed for youth, ages 13-24, who have disabilities. Interns will be directly supervised by Specialized Programs staff and will gain a meaningful job experience working in a summer camp setting. This is a paid internship. Interns will receive a stipend of $1000 upon successful completion. Campers are eligible to apply and will be assigned “on-duty” hours.
Director Community meeting with Director Scott Pinkham on Saturday from 1:00-2:30 pm at Broadview Library.

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Ed said…
Swamp really opening wide for Juneau now.

Stand by for several big name exits.

A see what takes those spots.
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