Monday, October 11, 2021

Lincoln High School - How’s It Going?

 Lincoln High reopened with great hope and fanfare in September 2019. But then the disaster of COVID came in March 2020 and it, like all other SPS schools, closed. So it’s had probably one of the rougher experiences for a school. (Of course I know that there are many more schools with populations with many challenges but reopening a school after decades closed, trying to get parents and community onboard and then closing again is tough on kids, staff and parents.)

So Lincoln parents, how goes it?

Parents and/or staff and/or students, please note:

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10th grade parent said...

Happy with Lincoln so far. The on-line experience last year was challenging, but Lincoln provided far more support than my son's middle school on-line experience. Teachers are responsive and seem excited to be teaching. There seems to be an inclusive and supportive environment among students.

It is hard not to be able to visit the school and attend in person meetings and events, but that's a Covid problem, not a school problem.

There are new school issues--particularly around lack of field space for athletics. Hard for children to travel to fields around town to practice and play games. Some early morning or late evening practice times since field space is not available at other times. No place for marching band to practice on a lined field, so no marching band.

However, I hope that these issues will have solutions as the school grows and the parent community helps to problem solve. Happy to be a Lincoln Lynx.

ls said...

My 9th grader (son) is engaged and happy. Came from JAMS. I have no insight into quality of teaching. My daughter is at Roosevelt but again filtered through their words it’s hard to assesss.

veteran mom said...

Very very happy for my junior. Teacher excellence is real. All of her teachers are great.

Anonymous said...

Very impressed with the school leadership and all the teachers. Sure there's a range of teaching excellence, but so far all have an enthusiasm for being a teacher at Lincoln. There is lots of attention to positive school culture, lots of school spirit. My son is very glad to be a Lynx.

Agreed on the challenge of fields, and one would have thought that District athletic staff would have worked out an agreement with Roosevelt or Ballard to share their fields equally, as it doesn't make sense that they don't have to budget to accommodate a SPS school that has no fields at all! Our players spend a lot more time than other student athletes traveling to/from fields. And then the challenge of the gymnasium being closed all year due to renovations... why wasn't that completed during the 2 years that the District renovated the rest of the building?

Regardless, the LHS teams are proving to be high caliber, very competitive now among other schools, and are winging it well.

But most importantly, kudos to LHS lead staff for doing a very good job opening the school. Principal Medsker is leading a very strong team. She is certainly proving the initial naysayers (many who chimed in on this blog several years ago) wrong.
-parent of a junior