Three Children and Three Adults Shot Dead at Private Christian School in Nashville

A child cries on the bus leaving the Covenant School, following a mass shooting

 This shooting was unusual in that it at a private school (and a Christian one at that).

I would liken this frightened, sad little girl's face above to this one below. When does this stop?

 FYI, the girl in the Kent State photo was just 14.

 I urge two things:





When do we learn? The girl in the Kent State photo is just 14 years old.  I urge you:

- Email ( or tweet to @POTUS to bring back the assault arms bill and ban them.

- Hold your children tightly tonight because anyone who thinks it can't happen to them is living in a fool's dream. THIS is America today.

Lastly, do not even ATTEMPT to give me one minute of lip service about the 2nd Amendment.


Anonymous said…
The trans shooter was under the care of a psychologist who failed to red flag her. Plus she must have lied on the ATF Form 4473 when she purchased her guns The form clearly ask the following : Have you ever been adjudicated as a mental defective OR have you ever been committed to a mental institution? Based on her post and manifesto she clearly had no business having a gun. I know this doesn't fit your narrative and clearly you wont post this but it is the reality of the situation and you know

reality bites
Ditto and ditto. Her parents thought they took all her guns.

You might learn to read for comprehension.
Anonymous said…
Reality Bites

What narrative do you think Melissa has, and how does this persons gender trigger your own biases? Unstable person gets gun is the common denominator in all this, no need to go down ideological rabbit holes.

Thoughts & Prayers
Anonymous said…
Who need reading comprehension when you have narrative?

- Ain't Reality
Anonymous said…
I'm not really sure what "narrative" you need to have. Guns now kid more kids and youth in the US than traffic accidents. This is the world we have apparently accepted. And I guess this also proves out that simply putting "red flag" laws in place isnt going to stop the gun violence, is it? You know what will? Not having military grade weapons in the hands of civilians. THAT did help for a period of time.Let's just say this again: civilians dont need military grade weapons in their hands. Or, the narrative is that you care more about guns and a twisted view of personal freedom than...your kids, grandkids, other people's kids.I cant even believe we are debating this still.
-Skeptical Parent
John said…

Hrm, so a person with bad intent didn't follow the honors system self-ID of possible bad intent the NRA gang forces us to use.

Sounds like a good argument to scrap that and create the unified national buyer background check and gun registry the NRA gang keeps blocking. But who needs logic when you have an ideological narrative, no?

Anonymous said…
@reality bites,

Clearly, from your nom de plume, you think you tell it like it is. In fact, you’re way off base here. Your post is meant to equivocate “trans” with “adjudicated mentally defective.” Adjudicated is a legal procedure. There is no record of it in what we know so far. Keep your comments about the specific person rather than biased comments about whole categories of people. Talk about spinning a narrative!

Perspective Taker
Anonymous said…
There is much to unpack here regarding this shooting.

As someone from Seattle the Liberal Utopia who moved and lived and worked in public education in Nashville and had to leave as not only is their Politics oppressive it is their lack of education and emphasis on religion a problem. That said I would never return to the Liberal Utopia again and still liberal still reside in a very blue State I choose not to script myself from the same one used by many of a Seattleite.

That out of the way.. we can discuss the laws in TN. There are none when it comes to owning a gun. Very few. She bought all of them legally with regards to State Laws. This is a State that is now refusing Fed dollars with regards to HIV funding, Uses TANF money as a storage bank and not aiding those in poverty (which is a plenty in that state). Has a religious crackpot as Gov and a State Congress not much better. They are also moving away from taking Fed money regarding Education. But the next Tornado or Storm heck they will be there with hands out and open and in prayer all simultaneously.. the conundrum of the South as I call it.

Schools are huge in the public forum. They used to but are moving away from middle school as 5-8. The rise of Charters and Private schools has only grown as they too have also decided to go Vouchers. A school like Covenant that serves under 200 kids to walk in the door is 18K. To walk in the door. Take a look at Franklin Road Academy and Father Ryan what they charge in tuition. That does not include the rest. So having the vouchers will kill what little they have in public funding.

Then you have a State passing as much hate into laws regarding LGBQT, Womens Choice and Gerrymandered to the point where Race comes into play in regards to voting. The day of the shooting Nashville and Memphis number one crime is stealing Guns from vehicles. Cover irony on the NY Times that Monday morning. When I lived there 4 kids from a local Middle School stole a gun, killed a man on his front porch when he refused to give them keys to his car. There was a local special on Channel 4 news by the great Phil Williams the local reporter who brought the Mayor down for having an affair with her bodyguard, his story on the numerous rapes and assaults in their public schools. It was past triple digits when I lived there. I recall of course Garfield making the National News for their problems which are MINOR in comparison.

Sexual Education and advisory info is extremely limited by law. Shocking I know! Not really. Several Legislators and Judges were investigated over the years I lived there for sexual impropriety and racist language. Despite al their piety they are a prurient lot.

I don't know the shooter, I know the city, the State and the attitudes it carrries better than most and with that to see a City actually brag about how their Police were not Uvalde is appalling. It is there job and yet that is SO Nashville as I used to say. Note that many of the students when the Shooter pulls up are at recess. She came in via the Church entrance and was in a vestibule shooting at cops. She texted a friend prior. She attended I believe Nash School of the Arts a public school that is one of the few safe havens for kids who are seeking a safe space. If she/he attended Covenant it was over 16 years ago. And likely only for 1-2 years as the school itself is only 23 years old and rarely have all grades in place when opening. And that is some rage to carry so there is more to this story and we may never know the full one. Ask that 6 year old in VA that tried to kill his teacher.

- Former Seattle Resident
Anonymous said…
How do you hide 7 weapons from your parents in their own home? So many red flags on this one. If she didn't have guns would she have looked for a parade? I hope the parents have a good lawyer.

So Sad

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