Friday, April 19, 2019

Science Adoption Updates

 Update: here's the agenda for next week's Curriculum&Instruction committee meeting.  I will request the accompanying materials but someone who did see them said there are 800 pages. I have never seen anything like this before.

end of update.

This post is written by former Board President Sue Peters as a letter to the Board because of pushback of her analysis about outcomes using Amplify Science.  This is a lengthy post but worth reading if you care about this issue.

Friday Open Thread

A lot of news.

Good News in two related stories: free Jazz camp this summerSee info here.
No experience required. Open to students going into grades 4-8.

Sliding scale tuition with instant free tuition option. Just enter code WAIVER on the registration check-out page.
From KIRO-tv, a story about new band instruments coming to SPS:
Music programs at Seattle Public Schools received a substantial boost Wednesday in the form of $100,000 worth of new instruments. Yamaha Corporation of America donated percussion and wind instruments that will benefit more than 1,300 students at nine schools across the district.
The schools are: 
  • Nathan Hale High School 
  • Cleveland High School 
  • Franklin High School 
  • Ingraham High School 
  • Rainier Beach High School 
  • Madison Middle School 
  • Washington Middle School 
  • Whitman Middle School and
  • Mercer International Middle School.
Story and editorial from the Seattle Times asking the Legislature how come they can't seem to get the Special Education funding part of the McCleary decision done.  Shameful that this legislative session may end without this getting done.
The Legislature’s continued and, in fact, studied indolence about fully addressing special education is not only a violation of these students’ civil rights but a moral outrage. That the Legislature left special education out of the sweeping education-finance reforms mandated by the McCleary ruling all but condones a conscious and longstanding decision to leave behind our students who are most struggling.
(Editor's note: the Times is asking readers for money for different types of reporting including their Education Lab which is funding through "community partner" the Gates Foundation.  The Gates Foundation is many things but I would not ever call it a "community partner." )

Director DeWolf, in his run for the City Council, says this in the Madison Park Times:
DeWolf was elected to the Seattle School Board in 2017, where he pushed meetings into the public, worked on improving internal systems for transgender students, introduced community workforce agreements and supported the hiring of Denise Juneau as the district’s new superintendent.

“It has been the joy of my life to serve on the school board,” DeWolf said.
I'm not sure that's a real list of accomplishments especially since he tends to be the least visible Board member at meetings.

Both Puyallup and and South Whidbey superintendents are getting calls to resign over the funding issues in their districts.  Washington State needs a capital gains tax.

Next Saturday, April 27th, is Independent Bookstore Day.  Locally, there's a contest to visit every independent bookstore in our region (there's 26).  Please support your local bookseller; my favorites are Ada's Technical Bookshop and Third Place Books as well as The Secret Garden bookstore.

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Best Wishes for the Start of Passover and for Easter Sunday

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Enrollment News in Seattle Schools for 2019-2020

In what seems to be an annual event when enrollment patterns show themselves in SPS, we see that the patterns for this year appear to point to some trends.

Here's some news to use in consideration of enrollment, from the Seattle Times:
Census data show that for the first time in roughly half a century, Seattle’s under-18 population exceeds 100,000. It happened after a sudden bump in the number of city kids — and that’s a little surprising, because it’s something that hasn’t happened in decades.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Photos of Problems at Seattle Schools

From Muir Elementary (second time this year that coolant has leaked into the cafeteria this year):

Tuesday Open Thread

From Garfield, juniors there took the SAT on March 6th and never received their scores.  It appears the school may have created double accounts for each student.  Here's the latest I could find on the issue:

Monday, April 15, 2019

District Website Not Working (7:58 am)

As of now, the district's website is down with this notation:

The SPS website is currently unavailable.
Please check the links below as you may still be able to access the resources you need.
Thank you for your patience. All other systems are fully functioning. You can find the resources you need by clicking the buttons above or the links below

Science Adoption Update

A savvy reader sent me a link to this story in the Queen Anne & Magnolia news about the science adoption.  It reads a lot more as a cheerleading piece but more to the point, it gets one key point wrong AND it lets us know a funding point that should have been obvious all along.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday Open Thread

Interesting court case about a Down syndrome student whose parents wanted him to stay in a Gen Ed classroom where he was thriving.  From Inclusion Revolution:

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Testing Season 2019

Image may contain: one or more people and textUpdate:
Parents, please review the links I have provided. 

Your child MUST take the SBAC in 10th grade to graduate.

If you are considering HCC, your child MUST take the SBAC.  (I consider this weaponizing SBAC but that's SPS for you.)

end of update

Seattle Schools is coming up for the testing window for the SBAC.

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Tuesday Open Thread

Looks like Director Zachary DeWolf has set his sights on higher office - he’s running incumbent Kashma Sawant’s seat.  This as reported by Crosscut this morning.  He is calling for what they call “conversation and collaboration” which is interesting because that’s not so much what he does in his current role on the School Board (except with Director Geary).  He doesn’t converse with parents in his region and has virtually no community meeting that aren’t directly about a topic.  This should be interesting.

More Open Thread news to come.