Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Tuesday Open Thread

District enrollment and school tours information here.

What do most speakers at tomorrow night's Board meeting want to talk about?

Approval of the Student Assignment Transition Plan for 2019-20 as it pertains to Graham Hill's Montessori program

I'll have a separate thread on this one because there are some notable issues. 

From NBC News: While teenage girls attempt suicide more often than teenage boys, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, boys are more likely to die by suicide.

From Education Week:

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

District Hires New CAO

And now, former head of Athletics, Eric McCurdy, says he was wrongly let go.

Here's the story from the Seattle Times on McCurdy.
The Seattle Public Schools athletic director accused of bullying a former district employee is appealing his firing in King County Superior Court, claiming he was the subject of a vendetta based on inaccurate information and his race.

Eric McCurdy claims the termination violated his Constitutional rights, endangered his future career opportunities and had “a stigmatizing impact upon him.”

In an appeal and complaint for damages filed in King County Superior Court Friday, McCurdy said he was fired from the school district and asked the court to reverse the district’s decision. McCurdy said in a news release from his attorney that he was fired “based upon hearsay and inaccurate information.”
He is also unhappy that his accuser didn't have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Below is the info about the new CAO, Dr. Diane DeBacker.  I note that the district hasn't had a CAO in a long time.  Kyle Kinoshita is Chief of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Waivers List

The Board's Curriculum&Instruction Committee met today; here's the agenda.  I chose not to attend but I did want to post a couple of items from the agenda.

One is the Annual Report to the Board on curriculum waivers. Kyle Kinoshita, head of Curriculum, was kind enough to send it to me when it was left off the documentation.

Tuesday Open Thread

Interesting opinion piece in the NY Times about straight A students.

Friday, December 07, 2018

Seeking Parents to File a Federal Complaint

I've been working with a mom from Kent School District on this story about a King County survey, developed by UW and Seattle Children's Hospital that has been given/is slated to be given at six Seattle Schools middle schools.    Here is my previous story.

The schools involved are Hamilton, World School, Whitman, JAMS, Meany and Madison.

I am seeking any parent (or parents) who would be willing to file a complaint with the Department of Education.  If you have a child at any of these schools (whether they took the survey or not).  In my previous thread, one parent, Wildcat, said his son had taken the survey.    sss.westbrook@gmail.com

If you do have a child at one of those schools, I urge you to write a letter to your principal and tell them your child is NOT to take the survey called Check Yourself or SBIRT.

I also urge you to contact the Board and request that implementation of the survey be stopped immediately.  spsdirectors@seattleschools.org

I am now convinced that the district is violating federal law (PRRA) and their own policy on surveys.  There are rules about asking questions about sexuality, mental health issues, religion and other sensitive subjects.

Friday Open Thread

Community meetings on Saturday, the 8th
Director Mack at Queen Anne Library from 11 - 1pm.
Director Burke HAD a meeting scheduled but, because of travel for work, had to cancel.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Tuesday Open Thread

The City is getting near to making a decision about upzoning throughout the city.  They say it will be "gradual and incremental" but frankly, I'm sure once the ok comes, you'll see the changes come rapidly.  One item to consider is the report issued by the Mandatory Housing Affordability group says that the current zoning is not fair to all citizens and does not afford them the ability to be near "parks and schools."  

Monday, December 03, 2018

Advanced Learning Work Session

Change is coming and I believe it will be tough love all the way around. 

Now could they all be blowing smoke?  Sure, I've been fooled before.  Except that this is a new superintendent who I continue to believe is charting her own course.  She finished her Listening and Learning tour; here's her report about that work.  I'll have a separate post on this report but she says:

Seattle Schools, Week of December 3-9, 2018

Update: I had closed the comments on the post about the Strategic Plan but reopened it upon request. 

Tuesday, December 4th
Quarterly Audit&Finance Committee meeting at JSCEE from 4:30-6:30.  Agenda

Continuing the audits for the year, there will be reports on Special Education and on Thornton Creek Elementary by the Internal Auditor.  There is a notation for the Special Education audit that I do not recognize - "write-back process" - does anyone know what that means?

There will also be audit responses from various JSCEE departments.