Looking for Parents/Students with Thoughts on Check Yourself

Linda Jacobson writes for The 74, an education news site, and is interested in talking to families about Check Yourself — a mental health survey that several King County school districts give to middle school students. 

Some people, including parents, have complained for years that there are privacy risks. Others say they're not too concerned. 

Linda is just looking for more input, especially from parents whose children recently took the survey. Or from a parent who opted out. 
You can reach her at linda@the74million.org


Anonymous said…

The district need to do more about complaints that are received because what happened at Rainier View has been happening at several schools. They are turning a blind eye and ignoring things that put students and staff in dangerous situation leaving them in toxic work environments. There was a all school walk out at Mercer Middle School last year and for the past 2 years more than 50 percent turn over rate of staff leaving. The students complain that they don't feel safe their yet the district does nothing. Does Mercer Middle School staff, parents and students need to do the same thing that Rainier View staff and parents did to be heard by the district?

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