Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rainier Beach Donations

After much back and forth and looking at various options, I have come to the conclusion that the best way to give money to Rainier Beach High School in support of any book needs (which are likely to be for AP books as it is not certain there is a shortage elsewhere) is to donate to RBHS via the Alliance for Education. One hundred percent of your donation goes to RBHS.

The one caveat is that the money is administered by the principal. There is not a way to designate the donation solely for books. Mr. Gary is a caring and enthusiastic principal and I don't have a real reason to doubt that if money comes in that he won't spend it for books. However, as the principal, he has sole authority over the money and if he really thought it was better spent elsewhere, he could do it. I did try to get Mr. Gary on record as promising to spend any donations on books but I wasn't able to get an answer from him.

The AP teacher, Mr. Moriarty, waved me off trying to go through the PTSA. He left me with the impression that they are small and struggling and it might be too much work for them. I also researched Donors Care and suggested to Mr. Moriarty that it might be a way for the money to go directly to his project (more AP classes) but he did not respond. (Only teachers can apply to start a project at Donors Care, not parents or administrators. I had thought it might be too much work for him to take on.)

However, I feel Mr. Gary is sincere and since he knows that Mr. Moriarty had asked for books for AP that he will indeed follow-thru and direct any donations to a book fund. (According to the Alliance, the RBHS fund at the Alliance has been largely inactive for quite awhile so any new donations would signal to Mr. Gary that it came from readers here.)

Here's how to donate. Be sure to in the appropriate area, either on your check if you mail it inor in the space designated through on-line donations, Rainier Beach High School. All donations are tax-deductible.

I personally cannot thank you enough for your caring and support on this issue. By helping a struggling school, you send into motion a number of things like getting more AP sooner, improving morale and sending a message to the district that parents are willing to step up in support of schools not their own. By making RBHS a better school, we make our district better for all of us.

A rising tide lifts all boats.


Andrew Kwatinetz said...

Thanks for staying on this.

mkd said...

Thank you Melissa. Perhaps Mr. Gary will be kind enough to update you periodically about how the money donated is or will be used. Not the SPS, but grassroots efforts, I believe, are the key to support and improve south end schools.

SE Mom said...

Thanks so much for doing the research and setting this up.

I was delighted to make a donation this evening.

Central Mom said...

Thank you for this, Melissa!

It was sadly telling that the RBHS account has been inactive for some time. During the SE Initiative, in fact. How wonderful for parents to now be able to contribute to this school in a concrete manner. Would you be willing to maybe issue a reminder in a week or two? Tis the season of giving...

Michael Rice said...


Thank you for all that you are doing to help out Rainier Beach HS. I want to let everyone know one thing. Both Mr. Moriarty and I are on the Building Leadership Team. One of the three missions of the BLT is oversight of the school budget. I promise all of you that I will be asking for detailed updates of how much is donated and what specific purpose the money was put to.

zb said...


Is there a reason why Donors Choose wouldn't work for projects like this? It's my preferred method of donating, but I would like to hear more from teachers on what its drawbacks are.

Central Cluster Mom said...

I just made a donation - quick and easy through the link. Thanks!

Theo said...

I am sorry about my lack of response. It's nice to have great colleagues like Mr. Rice who can cover when things get a little overwhelming!

Thank you all for helping us improve access to Advanced Placement education at Rainier Beach High School.