Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Smith Blum and Patu Have Big Leads in Early Returns

It looks like Kay Smith Blum and Betty Patu will be joining Michael De Bell on the Seattle School Board. The Times reports that both candidates have large leads over their challengers.

I will note that the only candidates (both former) at the Work Session today were Charlie Mas and Joanna Cullen who I always see at these things. It will be interesting to see if the newly-elected candidates show for tomorrow's Board meeting. Or maybe one of the Informational Boundaries meetings. Or the Public Hearing for the Boundaries. Considering they will have the job of helping to figure out the transition plan, it might be a good idea to show up.


dan dempsey said...

Joanna Cullen is on the agenda to testify at the Wednesday school board meeting.

Stu said...

Considering they will have the job of helping to figure out the transition plan, it might be a good idea to show up.

I don't mean to sound jaded -- my standard opening at this point -- but I've always felt that Smith-Blum knew everything she needed to know and will show up at things when required. She's up on all the facts, whether factual or not, and knows what the families want and need, even if she never came to many meetings. As you might recall, she didn't want to get a jump on any learning that might be necessary.

Sigh. May they both prove to be powerful, convincing, leaders who listen to the families and demand results.


Charlie Mas said...

It troubles me a little that none of the three people running for the Board thought it worthwhile to attend the work session. If elected, they would be serving on this Board and continuing the conversation started at that meeting. You would think that they would be interested in hearing what is said.

Apparently not.

reader said...

Smith-Blum is a twit. I can't imagine that people voted for her.

adhoc said...

I started out supporting Betty Patu, but after her misguided (and out of touch) comments about alt schools, and her constant focus on SE school (and no focus on the rest of the district), I hesitantly changed my mind and voted for Chin.

I really wasn't crazy about either of them though.

As far as KSB and Mary, I was torn there too. I think Mary's heart is in the right place, but she is )in my opinion) ineffective. But, at least she tries. And she is not scared to challenge the board. Not sure KSB will try? Not sure KSB's heart is in the right place?

I guess we'll see.

Working Together said...

With under-the-belt-comments such as the type Reader makes ("Smith-Blum is a twit. I can't imagine that people voted for her"), I think it's important for us to keep our eyes on the real facts:

FACT: No Board member is paid more than a pittance-wage stipend.

FACT: We ask a great deal of our Board members.

FACT: Each blog reader / commenter makes a certain contribution to the district and education in general.

QUESTION: For each of you, what are your individual, specific, POSITIVE contributions? (This is rhetorical, by the way. Meaning I'm not asking you to write it out for everyone to see, just a self-check to raise the level of dialogue...)

Chris said...

Working together: AMEN! Let's make sure no one is running opposed in two years, OK? (ps I just read the APP thread.)

reader said...

oh yeah and...

FACT: All those "FACTS" are completely irrelevant to any dialogue. Are they somehow "POSITIVE"?

dan dempsey said...

I think that KSB sees the director's job as to direct the Superintendent. That may well be a refreshing change if true.

I often think that the largely part-time volunteer nature of being a Seattle School Director leaves the members uncomfortable in directing the Superintendent. So much malarkey flows out of central administration and goes unchallenged.... what else explains the lack of challenging oversight?

Still no mention of D44 & D45 and effective interventions ... No release of fall 2008 PSAT results ... things like this leave me wondering :: are these folks directors or just "PR" spin people like Cheryl Chow?

dan dempsey said...

I must say that the volume of stuff flowing by directors makes "direction" difficult. Certainly kudos are in order for Sherry Carr's questions and Martin-Morris' stands.
Peter Maier and Cheryl Chow usually seem inert as far as direction.

rugles said...

I voted for KSB. I didn't know she was a twit. Perhaps that makes me a twit too.

With Mary Bass, it seemed like eight was enough.

reader said...

Well Rugles, I guess I'll sit next to you in the "Chinese immersion for all class"... that was on her platform, so I'll see you there... and try to figure out your twit rating. I'm thinking the bake-sale is going to cover the costs of that program. "Business" will donate the cupcakes. And preschool for all who need it, too. KSB clearly has a big grasp on reality, and knows what we really need.

I get your drift on Mary Bass though. Right on, 8 is enough. And just saying NO isn't the best, but it is more than twithood.

Dan, look at KSB's platform... that is more "Malarkey" than anything MGJ throws our way. Can you say "random"? Oh well, Mary didn't put up much of a fight. I know people who offered to volunteer for her campaign.... she never even bothered to call them back. You snooze, you lose.

Josh Hayes said...

I heard KSB on KUOW yesterday, and I have to admit her "top priorities" sounded, well... crazy.

Extending the school day? Providing preschool for everybody? I suppose these could be good things (certainly the pre-K education would be great), but does she imagine that Board Directors are given a magic wand to wave and make stuff happen? Is every kid going to get a pony, too?

I'd have been happier to hear that her top priority would be getting administrative costs in line with those in neighboring districts. THAT would be useful.

Central Mom said...

KSB is on the record as saying that she firmly believe Central Administration can and should take a 10 percent personnel cut. Possibly more.

She does have a cheerleader personality, but she's got some discernment, too. She also calls the "Strategic Plan" bogus, filled with edubabble. I think she's going to be a kick in the pants to the District.

Robert said...

FYI Kay has been out of town now for several days since the election.