Monday, May 07, 2018

Thank You, Teachers!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

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And that includes substitute teachers!

Also, it's National Nurses Week and that includes our school nurses - thank you to all of them!

For the past 16 years, the Gallup poll has named nurses as the most-trusted profession in its ratings of honesty and ethical standards in professions.

And a shout-out to my own mom, a former surgical nurse for 40 years - people in my home town used to tell me she was the last face they saw before they went into surgery and the first they saw when they woke up.  For this upcoming Mother's Day, I remember my late mom and honor her work.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Most A M A Z I N G teacher ever: the french teacher at Jane Addams Middle school. Thank you! She really is all that. Smart, kind, an expert in both French and in teaching. She LOVES her kids, she loves teaching. She is a dream of a teacher. It is very special to get to be in her class and be her student for 3 years. She scaffolds all kinds of growth: intellectual, academic, social, emotional. Run, don’t walk, to try to get into her class: it is a very special place, her classroom. Joyful, organized, focused, playful. She brings out the best in her students, and builds a really strong cohort. She earnestly has supported every type of learner she has, with kindness, expertise, and empathy.

JAMS Jaguar

Anonymous said...

I agree with JAMS Jaguar;
I was lucky enough to have her class for three years and it was the highlight of my middle school experience. From the first day I stepped into her classroom in 6th grade, I knew that it was a different from all of my other classes. Over the three years that I was at JAMS, I learned so much French (which prepared me for entering 3rd level French in high school), but more than that, I felt included and cared for. Her class felt like the only place at JAMS where I ever really belonged. It was the one class where I didn't get anxious to present projects because our class felt so much like a family. Every student who gets to have her class is EXTREMELY lucky.

Graduated JAMS French Student

Melissa Westbrook said...

You are welcome to give her name.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to shout out to Peggy Sjong and Michael Rice - my daughter had both at Ingraham. Fantastic, skilled, dedicated teachers of math!!


Anonymous said...

Ms Vermaack, Mr. Evans, Ms Paris, Ms Lau, Mr Waldschmidt, some of the most standout, dedicated, hard working and fantastic teachers ever at HIMS. You are all appreciated very much and made a great difference for my student. THANK YOU!
HIMS parent

Anonymous said...

Shout out to Nathan Hale teachers Brian Coon (math) and Annemarie Plumpe (9th grade health and CTE). My kid learned a lot from both.


Anonymous said...

I want to publicly appreciate McClure Middle School teacher Ms. Whisenhunt. She has a special gift for working with middle schoolers, and my son loved every minute of his Language Arts and History classes with her. A grateful shout-out to math teacher Ms. Jennings as well, who is kind, supportive, and the best math teacher my child has ever had. Thank you both for making middle school both bearable and academically engaging.


Anonymous said...

A HUGE shout out to Ms. Maryann Crawford - a true gem of a teacher! Our family wishes her the best in retirement.

N by NW

Melissa Westbrook said...

Is she retiring this year? I loved her work with my son.

Also a big thumbs up for Mr Coon.

Anonymous said...

Huge thank you to Kristin Bailey who completely changed the academic trajectory of my kid and to Jennifer Gold for cementing the transition. Also a shout out to Senora Kodama, bright spot at RHS.

-HS Parent

Anonymous said...

To Adam Gish, Coulter Leslie, Stewart Hawk, Bonnie Hungate-Hawk, Ian Sample, Rachel Petrik-Finley, Sam Olson, Pam Ames, Summer Haskell, Ken Courtney, Rosa Powers, Heather Snookal, Le Hein, Joel Maier, Jon Olver and more educators that I've regretfully missed: thank you for helping me raise my son, Tor. He's a fine young man and I'm so proud of who he is! You are appreciated.


Ballard mom said...

Shout outs to Dina McArdle, Michael James and the amazing Eric Muhs!