Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Revised Closure List

Quick reaction to the CAC's revised closure list:

  • Thank goodness the CAC dropped the ridiculous plan to move TOPS to Thurgood Marshall and Montlake to the TOPS building.
  • Glad to see Summit K-12 left in its current building. Staff and parents want to be more centrally located, but were opposed to the decrepit Wilson-Pacific building as a new location.
  • Pleased that High Point and Fairmount Park have agreed to merge.

However, we still have:

  • Two of three autism programs slated for closure. (Graham Hill and Viewlands)
  • A school with strong community support (Sacajawea) slated for closure despite demographic predictions of increasing student population in that area.
  • No suggested solution for the only south end Montessori program (Graham Hill). The report says "opportunities for relocation may emerge during the District's closure process." Vague and unhelpful.
  • No suggested solution for the 4 programs currently in the John Marshall building serving very difficult to serve populations.
  • Not sure how appropriate the Boren building is for Pathfinder.
Also, the unstated fate of the vacated buildings will continue to fuel rumor and speculation. Which building will the Orca program get? (Whitworth or Graham Hill) Will the APP program get the John Marshall building?

Overall, while the revisions are positive, this plan is still too aggressive and flawed, with key details missing.