Friday, September 22, 2006


Since BEX III is a hot topic of discussion after Mel Westbrook and other's comments last night, I'm re-publishing here comments Charlie Mas posted back in August on the BEX III issue.

The project list put forward by the staff includes:

* Hamilton Middle School - total renovation - $73.4 million

* South Shore - total new construction of a building that could be a K-8 or a 6-8 - $64.7 million

* Denny / Sealth - total new construction of Denny and some shared facilities, total renovation of Sealth classroom building $125 million

* Nathan Hale - total renovation - $77.6 million

* Ingraham - replace one building - $22 million

* Rainier Beach - new auto shop - $500 thousand

These projects were chosen using priorities adopted by the Board in Chapter 3 of the Facilities Master Plan in January. The Board has already committed to the Hamilton project and the Southshore project in votes taken earlier this year.

In addition, BEX III will include:

* Water piping - $10 million

* Indoor Air quality improvements - $10 million

* Synthetic turf replacements - $6 million

* Technology upgrades - $42 million

* BEX IV planning - $2 million

* Program overhead - $48 million

* Financing costs - $17 million

See the following links for more info:

School building levy will be on ballot

http://www.seattleschools.org/area/facilities/SEPA_Addendum.pdf (district document)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Sound Off (a post by a frequent commenter on this blog)



mammatoni said...

Hi, Beth, I'm a parent at AS1. Thanks for sending me this link!

I was interested (and, of course, disgusted) to hear that Viewlands got a new roof this summer. What?! Does anyone know what the future plans for that building are?

I was also told last night that a contractor has contacted our principal about putting new plumbing in our Pinehurst building. Again, WHAT?! What is the point?

Beth Bakeman said...

With a total of 481.2 million, I realize the 48 million overhead is just a standard 10% overhead used in budgeting, but it still looks like an obscence amount of money when listed this way.

Anonymous said...

You might look at things like water piping, indoor air quality improvements, synthetic turf replacements, and technology upgrades and think "Hey, aren't those more BTA sort of projects than BEX sort of projects?" and you would be right.

The current BTA is fully appropriated and there won't be another one for a while. These things can't wait, so they went onto BEX III.

Of course, if the District can re-allocate the current BTA to use it on the capital costs of closures and consolidations instead of capital expenditures at the schools they are closing, why can't they re-allocate other BTA money to cover these expenses?

Moreover, how can the District avoid replacing the plumbing at Pinehurst just because it won't be a school anymore? If the District is going to lease the space out, don't they need to replace the plumbing for the tenant?

There may well be absolutely plausible explanations and answers to these questions. I'd just like to hear them.

Perhaps I will send them into the feedback email address.

Beth Bakeman said...

Mammatoni, it was nice meeting you in person tonight. I think, from what Charlie said in a later comment, that the plumbing needs to be repaired at Pinehurst and a new roof on Viewlands because the district plans to lease or sell the property, and so still needs to perform scheduled maintenance and repairs to get maximum dollars.