Sunday, September 17, 2006

Phase I Loose Ends

Tomorrow, attention will turn to Raj's recommendations for Phase II of closures and consolidations and, likely, co-locations.

So tonight seems an appropriate time to focus on the loose ends from the Phase I closure recommendations.

From the district web site, we learn that "the following actions have - or will - be taken:"

*A transition team has been working to plan for all aspects of transition. The team includes central office and school-based staff. Who is on the transition team?

*A full-time "Principal on Special Assignment" will be appointed for the 2006-2007 school year to lead and guide customized transition plans for each impacted school and program. Who is the Principal on Special Assignment?

In the spirit of accountability, we should know who those people are so we can contact them to learn about the progress, or lack of progress, in these areas.

Other Phase I implementation questions include:

- What's happening with the SOCKED lawsuit? Does the judge's restraining order mean there is a risk that closures will be postponed? And what would that mean to the families and schools involved?

- Any discussions about where the Viewlands autism inclusion program will be placed? If I remember correctly, the final Board vote delayed the decision, saying that perhaps Greenwood wasn't the best location, but that another location would need to be found in time for Viewlands to close at the end of the 2006/2007 school year.

- What plans are being made for the programs and students at John Marshall? Carla had said they were trying to hire a consultant to work with them to make this decision but she was vague about the process and the timeline. These students and programs cannot be allowed to fall into the cracks created by poor school system planning and implementation.

As the district rushes through Phase II of school closures and consolidations, we need to make sure that sufficient attention is being paid to implementing the Phase I decisions as well as possible.


Anonymous said...

These are good questions, Beth.

Who is on the transition team?
I don't know. Does anyone? Has it been announced?

Who is the principal on special assignment?
I think this has been announced and I just don't remember who it was.

What is happening with the SOCKED lawsuit? They were scheduled to go to trial in February, but that was before the federal court stepped in and took over. I don't think that SOCKED got their injunction.

Where will Viewlands autism program go? Although it isn't totally final, it appears that Broadview-Thomson is the answer to that question. And, since B-T is going to become a K-8, it is a good choice.

What plans for the programs at John Marshall? The District has signed the contract with the University of Washington, but they won't complete their report until December.

Anonymous said...

I read in a P-I story today that Holly Ferguson is a member of the transition team.