Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Superintendent Needs Political Skills

In a January 2nd Seattle Times article, Seattle schools aim to change image, Raj was quoted as saying:
...he's not good at politics, preferring instead to let the accomplishments of the district speak for themselves. But over the past months, Manhas said, he learned a belated lesson about the importance of managing public opinion."I've become more aware of the fact that sometimes perceptions become real," said Manhas, who announced in October he would step down at the end of the school year.

The new superintendent needs political skills. In any public service job, managing perceptions and public opinion is a crucial part of the job. I find it hard to believe Raj is just figuring that out.

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Charlie Mas said...

Mr. Manhas is a career bureaucrat, not a leader. He functioned well in the COO role, a bureaucratic role, but has been out of his depth in the Superintendent role, a leadership role.