Thursday, January 04, 2007

Superintendent Search Public Meetings

This just in from the Board:

"We are delighted that the Seattle Council of PTSA has agreed
to host a series of general community meetings. Their meetings
will have light refreshments, childcare, and translators.

January 16th
6:00pm McClure Middle School Lunchroom
6:00pm Eckstein Middle School Lunchroom

January 17th
9:00am Stanford Center, Room 2776
7:00pm Madison Middle School Lunchroom
7:00pm Aki Kurose Middle School Lunchroom

January 18th
6:00pm Hamilton Middle School Lunchroom
8:00pm Whitman Middle School Lunchroom
8:00pm Washington Middle School Lunchroom

The consultants will be gathering all input and assembling a
packet for each board member. We will see all surveys that
people submit and will get a summary report. From this
information we will develop a superintendent profile that clearly
states what Seattle is looking for in a superintendent. This
profile will direct the consultants in their recruiting nationally
for us."

Once again, the district/Board has meetings scheduled one
night after another. I'm sorry but they could space them out
better. This is always the way. I'll definitely try for two of
them. I always like to hear what other people have to say.

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