Another Way to Help SPS

Nicole Brodeur's column in the Times highlighted yet another way to help a good program benefiting SPS students. I recall a thread asking what we could do to support our school system.

"Or maybe you can get involved with 826 Seattle.

The Greenwood writing lab, founded by author Dave Eggers, not only welcomes help at its after-school program, it sends its volunteers right into the classrooms to sit beside students and see, firsthand, what's going on in the schools."

One interesting thing:

"The program has 830 people waiting to volunteer, and 230 active volunteers who help some 35 kids through their homework every day. The seven 826 chapters in the country are named for the original chapter's address: 826 Valencia St. in San Francisco."

I wish we could funnel some of those 830 people into the school system somehow if they are volunteering to work with students.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for posting this about 826. What a great organization. Your idea about getting all those volunteer tutors into the schools is important.
They need
a) money to organize, train etc
b) background checks for tutors

Other than that, I don't think it would be too difficult to get 826 to serve as a clearing house to get tutors tuting.

Hmm, WHO, oh WHO will facilitate this conversation with 826?

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