Spotlight on Chris Jackins

The West Seattle Herald has a nice piece highlighting the work of Chris Jackins: School critic remains focused on his task.

While I sometimes agree and sometimes disagree with Chris on particular issues, I respect the time he has invested in being a district watch dog and the knowledge he has accumulated during that time.


Anonymous said…
I am puzzled by this part of the article:

One example Jackins cited is the district's proposal to change the school-funding model to a "Weighted Staffing Standard" formula.

The new program is based on differentiated weighting according to the size of a school, so the larger a student body the more staff and resources a school receives. Jackins said it sets up schools for competition rather than cooperation.

"The district should allocate resources to establish a good program, regardless of shifts in enrollment," he said.

I thought the current Weighted Student Formula is what set schools up for competition; more students=more funds, more staff, etc. The Weighted Staffing Standard establishes minimum staffing standards for schools, regardless of size. That's what I understood; am I wrong?

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