It's Official: We Have Four New Board Members

I attended the swearing-in ceremony at the John Stanford Center last night for the 4 new Board members. It was very sweet with relatives swearing in new members (Sherry Carr had a close friend who was the former principal at Bagley). They each gave a brief speech; one went on a bit long (which might be an future indicator). Ellen Roe, the grand dame of the Board (she served 4 terms at least) was there as well.

One oddity which may also be a future indicator (or something to hold them to): apparently Dr. Goodloe-Johnson found a directors' "affirmation" which they all agreed to recite. Cheryl Chow read most of it but they all chimed in at different places. They agreed to "abide by the policies and bylaws" of the Board. (Hold them to that, Charlie.) They agreed to "leave the day-to-day operations of the district to the superintendent and staff" - great but it is sometimes a gray area. They agreed to "no independent comments or actions" as directors. That one is really odd because if Mary Bass had sat on her hands about the financial problems, we might not have found out about it for a long time. And, they agreed to "refer constituent concerns to the appropriate staff". Good luck with that one. People feel like they elect these people to help them when really they are elected to oversee the superintendent.

I hope the new Board remembers this when unhappy parents call about school assignments.


Anonymous said…
Can we now implement Board policies D43 D44 D45 for promotion/ non-promotion of students based on required necessary skills with effective interventions based on skill acquistion?

Well Golly Andy - that means we'd have to define the skills.

Is this Mayberry up to such a task?

Has not been for many years ---
time will tell.

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