Thursday, July 31, 2008

And You Think We Have Problems

We subscribe to the NY Times and so I keep up a bit with education challenges in the NYC area. It does boggle the mind to think of a school system so huge with so many kids. Apparently, it is run in a fairly autocratic manner but then, I'm not sure I blame them. Interestingly, the NYC system has many magnet schools that - gasp! - are not inclusive and you have to test/apply to get in. And they are all full, go figure. There's one big difference between Seattle and New York.

Denise Gonzalez-Walker over at the PI education reader blog supplied a link to the NYC parents' blog.

They have a great guy who writes very funny satirical articles and, as well, there are a lot of hard-hitting ones as well. (They even have a running grade vote for how the Superintendent is doing. Hmm, something to think about.)

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dan dempsey said...

WOW try the July 23 entry HERE

There were many reports of increased exemptions for the 2007 NAEP testing in NYC making the results higher than they would have been without the large number of exemptions and special accommodations for 2007 testing.

I wonder if this urban NAEP is a separate testing? As these results are NOT good but below average.

The Broad Prize winner for this last year was NYC schools. Given this type of test performance maybe Seattle will soon win the Broad Prize.

Perhaps the Broad Prize is given for compliance with Broad wishes rather than demonstrated improvement.