Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Robin Williams Filming at the Old McDonald School

This article appeared in today's PI. To wit:

"Writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait ("Shakes the Clown," "Crank Yankers") and his friend, actor/comedian Robin Williams ("RV," "License To Wed"), have begun a 25-day shoot in the Seattle area, most of it taking place at a former elementary school in Wallingford."

I won't tell you the plotline - it's crude and not particularly interesting. Also in the article:

"The film crew is set up this week at the former F.A. McDonald School, thanks in part to WashingtonFilmWorks, which had a hand in Goldthwait's decision to shoot here. Since last year, the state has offered financial incentives to production companies. If feature films spend more than $500,000 on expenses such as food, housing and labor, WashingtonFilmWorks will pay 20 percent of the costs back to the production company."

I called the district to see how much they were charging for the rental but the property manager, Ron English, is out of town this week.


dan dempsey said...

When "Joan of Arcadia" TV show shot regularly at El Segundo High School. They paid rent and caused little disruption. Unfortunately I do not remember the exact amount. They paid rent by the day. It was at least $2000 per day.

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